How to download YouTube videos on a laptop, phone or tablet

Known as the world’s second most visited site on the Internet, YouTube hosts approximately 23 billion visitors per month. Youtube is an unusual and multi-purpose platform where you can listen to music via an internet connection, show the vlogs of famous people, or show the talents of those who want to be famous, or where various TV series and movies are featured. However, you will need a stable internet connection to experience all these features.

But if you are on a caravan trip or staying in a place where you have trouble with the internet, how can you benefit from youtube? You will want to download videos from youtube while you have an internet connection. Maybe this is for watching it offline, or maybe you want to save a useful video in case it’s been removed. Whatever your reason, we’ll explain a few different ways to do it. Fortunately, it is possible and easy to download youtube videos to a Windows laptop or PC and Android phones.

Download videos using YouTube Premium

If you have a YouTube Premium membership, it is very easy to download a video on YouTube. However, there is one thing we should warn you about: You can only download this download using the official YouTube or YouTube Gaming apps; this means you can’t use Premium to download videos to your computer – only to a phone or tablet.

  For this process, go to the video you want to download on YouTube. Simply start the process by pressing a ‘Download’ icon below the player you’ll see on this page – just select the video quality you want to download and that’s it. After downloading the video you will see the icon below. With that icon, the video will turn into a blue checkmark. If you want to remove the download, simply tap the sign.

Download YouTube videos on Windows

Open, the platform where the video you want to download, is located, with windows. For the next step, you will have to decide the videos you want to download one by one and enter the playback page. You will see a Download button next to the video window. Click the download button and choose the resolution you want, the video will be added to the download queue immediately. If you couldn’t find the download button, don’t worry, click here to learn more about how to add the download extension to the browser.

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