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Чат рулетка
Hey People

You will find four different live chat websites above. You can talk to strangers on some of them and you will able to pick your partners at others. These websites are generally free except Flirt Mania on the list. It is a paid service. We are going to introduce those live chat websites for you on here. If you are a webmaster and if you would like to add your website on here. Please leave a message to us:

Live Chat Websites

You can find two different kind of live chat websites on here. Random live chat services and Live cam chat services. You will talk to strangers on random live chat websites and you will able to pick your partners on live cam chat services.

Random Live Chat Websites

These are websites which are similar with Omegle and you can meet with people from different countries of the world. You won’t able to pick gender of your partner on those websites but some of websites allow you to filter countries.

Hey People

Hey People is a good website that you can make friends. There are many online people on the website and the website doesn’t require you to have a camera. You can also talk to strangers with text chat.


Chat-DE is a German version of Chatroulette and Omegle. It is free to chat on this website and you can make new friends. You can use text feature of the website if you don’t have a camera but we don’t recommend it. You can meet many nice people from Austria and Germany on Chat-De.

Чат рулетка

Чат рулетка is a Russian chatroulette service as you can easily understand from the name of the service. You will meet people from different countries of the world but mainly from Russia on here. You will also meet many English-speaking people on here.

Live Cam Chat

Unlike random live chat services, you will able to pick people while you are chatting on these websites. Unfortunately we can provide only one service at the moment and it is a paid service.

Flirty Mania – Live Dating Chat

If you would like to chat with opposite gender, it is one of the best options for you. This service is fully paid. It is an online dating service.