Omegle Video Chat for Windows Phone

Omegle Video Chat is a random chat application for Windows Phone. You will able to text chat and video chat with random people from different countries of the world with this application. If you would like to talk to strangers with your mobile device, you can use it freely. It’s free at all. When we compare it with other Omegle apps which has been created for other operating systems, there are lack of features on this app. There’s no spy mode, no college chat and interest feature. However it’s the only Omegle application which provides video chat for Windows Phone and other OS. There are serious issues about these application at the moment since it doesn’t work on many Windows Phone devices. So our review is going to be very good for this app.

Do you want a talk to strangers app on Windows Phone? Omegle Video Chat will help you to meet strangers from whole around the world. It’s a quality Windows Phone Chat App, if you would like to use your camera device while you are talking people randomly. You can download it from Microsoft store. However we have tested this application for you. It’s one of the options for video random chat apps with your device but the application is not working for some devices. So we don’t recommend you to download it for sometime. If there’s any update about app, we will let you know. All the same you can try your luck and test it and leave your review on here without registration. There are also alternative video chat apps for Windows Phone. You can also try them to download to your device.


  • Random Chat
  • Talk to strangers
  • Video Chat
  • Random text chat with people


  • It’s not compatible with many version of Windows Phone OS.
  • Random chat sites can always harm your privacy and security.
  • There are serious issues with this Omegle App. There are some reviews that it can be a fake at all. We recommend you to try alternative apps of this app.

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  • November 16, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    I think nothing is available for chatting on Windows Phone anymore.


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