Omegle Alternatives for Windows Phone

You are not pleased with Omegle apps on your mobile? So you can still try some Omegle alternatives if you are using Windows Phone. There are good and reliable mobile chat apps at Microsoft store.

Omegle Alternatives for Windows Phone

WeChat Download from Microsoft Store

WeChat doesn’t providing a stranger chat service like Omegle but it has better options like Nearby Chat and Shake. You will able to meet people who are living (or standing) around of you with nearby chat feature. You can also meet people from different countries with Shake feature. How does Shake feature work? You will need to enter Shake section of WeChat and shake your phone. You will meet with some random who is shaking his/her phone in the same time with you. It’s also another kind of random chat and it’s quite fun. Sometimes both features doesn’t give 100 percent performance. If you love to talk to Asian people, this application will be quite interesting for you since there are many Chinese people who are using Shake feature on the application. You can also meet people from other countries too. We Chat is also a good messenger app for your device. You can add your contacts and talk them with video calling and audio calling!


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