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You can find detailed information on WhatsApp with the categories above. This is a directory which will help you to reach our guides easily. You will need to select one of those options above to begin to start. You will find various options which will help you to fix your problems and fix errors you face with WhatsApp application. You can contact us for your questions anytime. You can contact us through emailing us and also you can contact us through sending comments in a page of How to Chat Online. Our contact email is contact@howtochatonline.net. How to Chat Online is a free website and you don’t need to register to the reach our knowledgebase. How to Chat Online only provides unofficial support for WhatsApp.

These are categories of our directory guide:

WhatsApp FAQ: You will find general questions about WhatsApp on this category which has been asked on How to Chat Online. There is not any WhatsApp tutorials on these pages and there is not generally troubleshooting support.

WhatsApp Guide: You will learn how to do things on WhatsApp Guide. You will learn how to setup your camera, microphone, settings of the messenger app. There are also more than these on the guide.

WhatsApp Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting is generally about errors or problems that you faced while you were using the application. This will be a quite useful support for you if you are facing problems, bugs and errors on the application.

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