Tawk.to is one of the best free chat apps for webmasters on internet. You can add this chat application to your website freely. You can manage your account through iOS, Windows, Android and Mac operating systems anytime since Tawk.to also giving service for these OS. There are many free features on the widget which you will need to pay on the website. There is no ads on this chat platform. You can provide a good support for your users with this application and you can easily integrate it with blogs and e-commerce sites which are developed with WordPress, Joomla and Open Cart. If you purchase a similar chat application with similar features, you may need to pay thousands of dollars. However Tawk.to is free at all.

Tawk.to Features

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  • You will able to monitor all your visitors in every seconds with these application. So you can understand your visitor behaviour better.
  • Creating a live chat service will take your seconds.
  • There are many good apps of Tawk.to for different operating systems. You will able to manage your chat with your Android and iOS devices. There are also apps for Mac and Windows too.
  • 100% percent free!
  • Ban feature.
  • No ads!
  • You can customize the language and all automated words on the chat page.
  • There are no agent limitation on the application. Generally free applications like Tawk.to limits that feature. However it’s not limited on Tawk.to at all.
  • Supports SSL.
  • You can manage your live chat through Tawk.to too.
  • You can customize colors of your chat on the website.
  • Chat history is another handy feature of application. You can read the any conversation of you or your team. You can remove history anytime you want.
  • You can set aliases and triggers for your live chat support.
  • You can also create many departments for your service.

Tawk.to WordPress Plugin, Joomla Extension, OpenCart

You can easily integrate this application with your WordPress, Joomla and OpenCart.

WordPress PluginGo Tawk.to WordPress Plugin

Joomla Extension: Go to Tawk.to Joomla Extension

OpenCart ExtensionGo to Tawk.to OpenCart Extension

You can also get more extensions or plugins of this service on Github page of Tawk.to.


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We are using live chat from Deskun, it’s not bad too, and the pricing is super affordable.