Twitter Account Blocked Due to Use of Addmefast

We got a question from one of users recently and it was about twitter account blocked due to use of Addmefast. This can be happen because of a new account generally.

Twitter Account Blocked Due to Use of Addmefast

Question from the User is:

Twitter has blocked my account and I can’t do anything with my account after I log in it. I was just using AddMeFast for gain followers, following people and retweeting tweets. I don’t think I have done something bad while I was using the website. I didn’t even add pictures or tweet something bad. I was just following people and retweet their tweets. My account was just quite new.

If your Twitter account blocked due to use of Addmefast, you can find the solutions for how to unblock twitter account on here.

How to Unblock

Addmefast is a one of the best free platforms for gaining followers on social media sites. Actually the problem doesn’t occur since you are using AddmeFast. The problem is just you are using a new account. You need to use new accounts carefully on the Twitter. If you use Addmefast with a new Twitter account, you can get into trouble with temporary account suspension. So you won’t need to unblock to account.

We believe that your account has suspended for some time and it won’t be blocked forever. We recommend you to gain followers manually with your new account. But this should be reasonable amount daily. Don’t rush on your account since Twitter doesn’t like that and they block it if they sense something goes bad with it. Some time later you will able to use Addmefast. You can read some tips for avoid account block below.

How to Avoid Being Blocked

You shouldn’t get followers very fast. There are limits for new accounts. You will need to be patient and you will need to move forward slowly. Alternatively if you have an old Twitter account, we recommend you to use it on Addmefast instead of a new account. You will able to gain followers freely. Feel free to ask us via commenting this page or sending a mail to [email protected], if you have any other question about this.

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