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If you would like to get new friends from Central Europe, you can always try meet Austrian Guys on Twitter. If you would like to meet them on the website, you will need to do some specific searches or you will need to change your trend topic country on your account. We are going to tell you how to do all of these for you on this page. You need to have a Twitter account for that. If you don’t still register an account on the website yet, you can do it on a short time with SMS verification. It will take your seconds to create a new account. You will able to do it quite fast and you will create new friendships with our tips.

How to Meet Guys from Austria on Twitter

You don’t need to do much for meet guys from Austria on Twitter. There are two ways to do that. (If you would like to meet girls from Austria, please use our guideline about that) Firstly, you will need to change your trend topic country. You can do it from the left sidebar of the website. You will see the “Change” link just near of trend topics. You can select Austria from the options and talk to people.

You can also do it with searching some certain hashtags. It will also help you to meet guys from specific cities. You can search these cities on Twitter: “Österreich, Austria, Wien, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vienna, Klagenfurt”. We recommmend you to search “Österreich” first. It will give you good advantage for meet people.


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