How to make your account private on Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform for sharing opinions, basically, these opinions can be about everything. It is a microblogging system where you can express your thoughts with very limited words called tweets. In this app, users might follow other users, if they like their tweets.  When someone follows another user, she will start to see his tweets on her own timeline. The timeline is the main page of the system. Thus you can keep up with news and new trends on this platform. Also, you can share links and gifs on this platform. You can follow celebrities, doctors, politicians, your followings can be change depends on your interests. You can share your opinions by tweeting them. Also, you can retweet others’ opinions if you like them or you can just like their tweets.

But If you do not want to share your opinion publicly or ıf you care about your privacy, you can always make your account private. Let’s learn how to do it?

For Android:

Firstly download the Twitter app on your smartphone. Later that downloading, log into your account. When you enter your account, you will be on the Timeline page. At the upper left side of the phone’s screen, you will see your own profile photo. Once you tap on your profile photo, you will see plenty of sections you can choose from. Then, you need to select the Settings and Privacy option on your app. When you tap on this option, a  different menu will open in front of your screen. For this time, you must tap on the Privacy and Security option on this page. This will lead you to where you can protect your tweets. By swiping right the first option, you will be able to protect your tweets and make your account private.


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