How to get blue tick on Twitter?

Having a blue tick indicates that the account belongs to the original and the actual owner, which means increased interaction with users can interact with it safely. This blue tick is located next to the account name. This is inimitable and the approval of blue tick belongs to twitter itself. It is impossible to imitate the blue tick.

Verify Twitter Account to Receive a Blue Tick on Twitter

If you want to have your Twitter account verified and receive a blue tick, you can apply for an approved profile with your personal accounts. As you know, with the help of social media agencies who previously collaborated with twitter, blue click was possible. With the latest update you can now fulfill this request if you meet some important requirements without any intermediaries. We will talk about having this blue tick without need to rent any intermediary. This is not so difficult as it sounds, and as before.

The account of people who act as if they did not take blue tick or act fraud in this regard is suspended indefinitely.

Get Verification from Twitter

To receive a blue tick, go to and complete the relevant application form. On the following pages, you can proceed with the correct answers to the questions asked about whether you are a personal account or a company. If your application is not for a personal account but for a company, brand or organization, you must mark the field on the form. On the last page you will explain why you are applying for a blue tick. You can specify at what level you are recognized, or the activities of your company. You can complete your application after the explanations.

Requirements for Getting a Blue Tick on Twitter

You must know that, you need to have an approved phone number, verified email address, personal information, true birthday information, a website and your privacy settings must be public. These are the rules that must be followed before the request. If not, request did not taken care by twitter’s authority, and whether you are eligible for having blue tick, they don’t let you to have that.

Additional information is available for business accounts. When making a request, they request a website from you that will be relevant to the account in the filled forum. This information might be about where you work or blog your writings on the net or the other things belongs to verify your company’s reality (also showing some real situations about your company may be great to proof that is real).

How to Submit a Request

More importantly, you submit an English explanation of why your profile needs to be approved, and then click next to submit your application. Your application is filter by twitter to see if you have a proper profile for having a blue tick approved account. Depending on the intensity, you will receive feedback on whether your blue tick approval was positive or negative. This feedback will not take place immediately after completion, but after twitter examines whether you have met certain criteria. We would like to state that not every profile will be approved and that this decision is made by twitter. But when you rejected, you will have a chance to approve for later, after you meet the requirements.

We have stated that with the last update it is possible to apply without at least need to have one intermediary. As a result, this is already logical. Everyone is the agency of their own application and it is more practical for them to have their twitter account validated by following their instructions without having to do anything similar. Many people did not want to deal with the agencies anymore.

So, let’s continue to talk about, we’ll give you tips on account verification, blue tick, tips you need to know before sending your application and we think it will be useful. As you know, Twitter is generally approved accounts; celebrities, businessmen, large companies, active business areas are more. In addition to all this, daily activity, is how active you are, is also important.

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Interaction on Your Account is Important Fact

How to get blue tick on Twitter

Interaction on social media accounts, you know, is grooving day by day in a rapid way, when you tweet it in a way that you can share it in another social media account that is associated or not. Tweet or retweet rates also play an important role here. Messages, that you type or share, such as photos or videos, or similar content, are called “tweet”. Interaction on Twitter, that is, the more people take care of your tweets, or be seen on the home page, the more it takes to get retweets. The more retweet means might be the easier to get a blue tick. With advancing technology, our interests are now intense; health, travel, news, finance, music related fields.

Your blue-ticked account must never be a counterfeit account but must be completely original and unique. Likewise, there will be users who want to emulate you after your account has been approved. There is no clear information about whether an account with an approved blue tick is providing more security. But this is obvious that of course, you have the right to complain and block them, and if you receive a blue tick, your complaints will be handled more than any other ordinary account owner. We would like to reiterate that you should ensure that you do not have any counterfeit and other similar accounts for the account you wish to receive a blue check on.

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