3 Ways to Fix Not Working Twitter Feed

If you notice that your Twitter feed is not working but you do not know how to fix it, this article is for you!

Twitter is a social media platform where instant users interact with tweets. so the main purpose of this app is to keep the homepage updated constantly so you can be up to date. If the Newsfeed cannot be provided within the application, you will not be able to see the updates from your friends, family, and the pages you follow. On Twitter, you can see updates in your news feed based on the latest or most popular posts. But in which situations is the problem of not providing updates and news flow more common?

Looking at the feedback made to Twitter, it is seen that a faulty server or slow internet connection is the main reason for the Twitter feed not working. However, it is also possible that the problem is with third-party apps, your settings, or an outdated version of the app. Let’s help you solve this problem through the options below.

Twitter’s Servers

If new tweets aren’t appearing on your Twitter homepage, try visiting Twitter’s server page first to check its current status. Their servers may be offline for scheduled maintenance, or an unexpected problem may occur on their edge. Problems like these are usually caused by server-related issues and only Twitter can fix it. The best thing you can do in this situation is to wait until the servers are up.

Turn Off VPN

Another reason Twitter feeds don’t work is known to be third-party programs. If you are using third-party applications such as VPN to enter applications on your phone or pc, try turning off the vpn for a short time. While VPN services can help secure your network, they can disconnect you and cause instability. Your device may have difficulty connecting to Twitter servers, so your timeline is not loading or updating.

Clear Your Web and Media Storage

If you are an iOS user, the Twitter app constantly stores temporary data on your device in your web and media storage, which is used for performance improvements. However, this data can accumulate a lot over time and these piles have to slow down the system.

Because larger files are harder and slower to load, the Twitter app may slow down or some of its functions may not work properly.

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