Top 5 WhatsApp Friend Finder Applications on Play Store

You would like to use WhatsApp for talking to new people? Unfortunately this is very hard to do and adding people randomly can be really pain. You can also get banned from WhatsApp because of this. There are some WhatsApp friend finder applications on Play Store for Android phones and tablets. These applications will help you to make new friends on WhatsApp. We made a top list for you on here. You can find some brief information on those applications and you can make new friends. Most of those Play Store apps are free to download and use. If you want to make any recommendations, you can leave a comment this page or you can contact us.

We recommend you to take a look at user reviews on Play Store before download these applications. We already mention some of those reviews on our listing. However it will be better if you also pay attention to people thoughts.

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Top List of WhatsApp Friend Finder Applications on Play Store

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Number Share And Friend Search. Number Share and Friend Search is one of the most popular applications for finding WhatsApp friend. You can download application free from Play Store. It has downloaded more than one million time from Google Play Store. You can also share your WhatsApp number on this app and expect to have more friends. The app got 4.2 overall rating from Android users. It is the most voted and most downloaded application on its category on Play Store.


Friend Search.  (Removed by Play Store) Friend Search got the second place in our listing since the application has got less user votes than Number Share And Friend Search. The application has downloaded more than one million times and it has 4.2 overall rating on Google Play Store. This application is also focused on WhatsApp Messenger friends. You can make your search with filtering countries and genders on the application.


Unlimited Friends Search.This is another friend search application for WhatsApp. It is free to use and it has downloaded 100.000 times on Play Store. It is free and you don’t need to pay for this. The application is creating contacts for you and adding those contacts to your WhatsApp account. You can begin to chat with those people who wants to have WhatsApp Friends. This is completely free to use. The overall rating of the application is 4.2.


Search a Friend. (Removed by Play Store)This is a good application that you can meet nice people. You can add those people through WhatsApp and you can make new friends. The application has 4.2 overall rating from Android users as same as other applications we provided above. You can find people and add them free on the app. There are still In-app products on the app though. There are some problems with the application. Especially an Android users complaint got too much vote. He mentioned that he can’t remove his phone number from the application at all.


Free Friend Search. (Removed by Play Store)You will find random phone numbers of people who wants to talk to people on WhatsApp on this application. You will also able to delete those contacts with the help of the application if you don’t want to talk with them. It is free to use and download. The most recent comments about the application is not very good at the moment. There are generally complaints about it is fake or there are only Indian phone numbers in the app.

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