Top 10 Countries That Use Instagram: Norway and Iran in the List!

Here is the list of 10 countries that uses Instagram actively. We are going to update this listing monthly. You can find the last updated date of the table below. This stats has been generated unbiased stats.

Top 10 Countries That Uses Instagram

Country Percentage (approximately)
1. United States of America 25%
2. Russian Federation 7%
3. Japan 5%
4. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 5%
5. Islamic Republic of Iran 4%
6. Republic of India 4%
7. Federative Republic of Brazil 4%
8. The Federal Republic of Germany 3%
9. Republic of Turkey 3%
10. Kingdom of Norway 2%

This top ten list created in 12.09.2018 and it will be updated in 15.01.2019.

Interesting Results: Norway and Iran in the Top List

According to stats Iran is the 5th country which is using Instagram mostly. We believe that this is because of governmental blocks against other social media applications and websites. Iran has already blocked Instagram in the past during protests in 2017. However at the beginning of 2018 Iranian governments has announced that they have removed the block for Instagram. Now people can use the application actively on their smartphones.7

Scandinavian country Norway has only 5.2 million population. However their passionate to use Instagram helped them to find a place in the top 10 list. Norway has surpassed countries like Indonesia (263 million), Pakistan (209 million), Nigeria (203 million), Bangladesh (159 million), South Korea and Australia.

Every 1 Active User out of 4 is American

According to statistics every 1 active users out of 4 is from United States of America. It is another interesting result since we were expecting Indian users to take to first place in the list. After we investigated the issue, we have seen that American Instagram users aren’t generally using Instagram for promotional purposes. However since there are too much Indian users who are using popular Instagram tags for promotional purposes, we are feeling existence of them much more than Americans.

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Top 10 Countries That Uses Instagram

Japanese Love for Photography

Japanese people are known with their love with photography. We weren’t already think an Instagram top list without them. Their place in the top list is not surprising at all!

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