10 Ways to Practice Dating Etiquette in Russia

Russians are inherently romantic beings. They love to spoil their partners with flowers, chivalry, and everything romantic.

Although the world has moved on and chose to include nonchalance in the dating scene, Russians decide to be traditional. Men are gentlemen, and women are feminine. And if you, too, are looking for these types of people in a partner, Russian singles are a perfect choice.

To help you lock in your ideal Russian on the first date, we listed the top ten dating rules in Russia. We also added a few tips on how to act appropriately.

Dating Etiquette in Russia to Practice on First Dates

1. Be on time

Russians are known for being lax with time. They don’t mind if the other person is late on a date.

But since you are still on a first date, it’s essential to show up on time to portray how you value it. Also, never approach the topic too strongly since you two are still in the initial phase of dating. If being late is a dealbreaker for you, be sure to let your date know about it when the relationship is going steady.

2. Dress-up

Russians, especially women, are innately beautiful.

Women love to dress up and take care of their skins, but they could go out of the house with or without heavy make-up. As for men, handsome for them ranges from rugged to clean and shaven.

Nonetheless, people in Russia love to look snazzy, especially on dates. And it would be best if you did the same. Depending on your meeting place, a dress and suit should work if you’re going to a restaurant. Meanwhile, jeans, shirts, and sneakers would look great at local diners.

3. Bring a gift

Gift-giving is innate in Russia. Russians have an adorable impulse to give presents even to those they have just met that day.

As such, do not come to the date empty-handed! Always bring along a flower or box of chocolates. Affordable yet charming trinkets would even suffice as long as you give them wholeheartedly.

4. Act accordingly

Despite the world’s preference for the contemporary style of dating, Russians remain traditional.

Russian women look for chivalry and gallantry in men, especially on first dates. They expect their dates to open the door, take off their coats, and pull their chairs for them at dinner.

On the other hand, men would like to treat you like a lady; they prefer their dates to be feminine. They’d like to play the knight, ready to protect their damsels in possible danger.

If you’re a woman, expect your date to offer to pick you up and take you home during the first date. Or, if you are a guy, be sure to pay for dinner — your date expects you to do it.

5. Mind your manners

Regardless of nationality, minding one’s manner is the ultimate rule in any dating book.

You should be at your best self when dating a Russian single. Being courteous with your date and the restaurant staff is an excellent sign of politeness. Flirting with other people in the meeting place or being tactless would make you less attractive to the other person.

6. Avoid political or religious discussions

Everyone has different political and religious leanings. Even nationality can’t force us to have the same opinions on state and spiritual views. So if you’d like the date to go the way you imagine it, try to avoid political and religious discussions.

Don’t ruin a perfectly great dinner by expressing your political views — not even your country’s state problems. True, it’s essential to know about your date’s values and whether or not they would match yours. But wouldn’t it be better to talk about yourselves first? Save such topics on the second date, yeah?

7. Have an open mind

Dating someone you do not share the same language, cultural, and historical background with could be exciting. But in many facets, it could also be challenging.

An open mind is of significant necessity in a cross-cultural romance. Don’t be quick to judge, and always leave enough room for respect and understanding.

8. Be patient

Russians are known for their piercing looks and hostility at the first meeting.

While your date may try their best to smile and be polite to you, they’ll always be reserved at first. When this happens, try to be patient with your date. Russians are inherently untrusting to other people, but don’t get them wrong; they have the softest hearts once you know them.

As a tip, don’t talk about nonsensical things like the weather. They might get disappointed if you do that. Instead, talk about societal or environmental issues.

9. Have a sense of humor

The best way to crack a Russian’s strong exterior is by throwing some punchlines.

In general, Russian men and women love to laugh. They enjoy the simple sharing of funny jokes with friends. They see this act as a way to nurture and strengthen any relationship.

But a word of caution — Russians find dark humor funny. Jokes about death or satirical ones are fun for them. However, steer clear of jokes about your date’s family. Without a doubt, they will hate you for it!

10. Try to be interesting

Keep up a great conversation on a first date with a Russian single. Whether you’re a guy or a lady, try to initiate topics and keep the ball rolling. Remember that Russians are inherently reserved, so trying to make them talk would be a long shot.

During the date, be sure not to talk about your exes. Instead, talk about your family or hobbies. If you wish to hook your Russian date, talk about societal matters or world events — they prefer to discuss profound and vital issues. Whatever you do, keep the mood light and positive.

Have fun with your first interethnic date!

First dates with a Russian can be nerve-racking, especially if they are the type that doesn’t smile easily. But if a date ends up being abysmal, don’t get too worked up. You have to remember that a date is — at the end of the day — just a date.

Just enjoy the moment and try to loosen up. See it as a practice for that future perfect date with someone who will finally excite you and make you feel comfortable all at the same time.

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