How to Use Tinder on Android (Beginner’s Tutorial)

If you are beginner on Tinder, you can use this tutorial for learn to how to use tinder on Android smartphones. You can check our step by step guideline with pictures below.

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How to Install Tinder

Go to Google Play Store. You can download Tinder from Play Store. If Tinder is forbidden or if it is not available in your country, you can get the application from sources like APKMirror. You can unblock Tinder with that way.

Run Play Store

Search Tinder on Play Store. You can search Tinder on Play Store and install the application to your Android device immediately.

Search Tinder on Play Store

How to Use Tinder on Android

Run Tinder on your Android device. After you install the application to your device. You can tap on application icon to run it on your device.

Run Tinder

Explore profiles. After you run the application, Tinder will automatically start to find random profiles for you.

Explore Profiles on Tinder

Skip a profile. If you are not interested with a profile owner. You will need to tap large and red x button to skip a profile. This will connect you to other profile on the application.

Tap X Button to Skip Someone on Tinder

Like a profile. Green heart button is showing that you are interested with someone on Tinder. If you really like someone’s profile, you can click on this button to show your interest.

Tap Green Heart Button to If You Like a Profile on Tinder

Prove your interest. Blue star button is very important tool for you. If you have a free account, you can use this account once in a day. This is how you can prove your real interest to people on Tinder. People don’t take green heart icon serious much but blue star icon is the key fact to get a match on Tinder.

Tap on Blue Star Icon to Prove Your Interest

Get back to a profile. Yellow return icon on the application will help you to get back to a profile which you have missed/like. However this feature is limited for free accounts.

Tap yellow return button to get back to a profile

Featured profiles of the day. If you want to check the top profiles which has chosen by Tinder, you will need to tap on Diamond button where is located top center of the application.

Featured profiles of the day on Tinder

Check your matches on Tinder. You will need to click on message bubble at the top right of your Android phone screen to check if you have any matches on Tinder.

Check your matches on Tinder

Check latest activity of your matches. You can also check latest activity of your matches on Tinder. You need to tap on message bubble for that and then tap on feed section.

Check latest activity of your matches on Tinder

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How to Use Tinder on Android

That is all you need to know about usage of the Tinder. If you have any questions regarding to usage of the application you can ask us via commenting this page or contacting our support page. We are going to response you as soon as possible. You can also find more tutorials about Tinder on How to Chat Online…

We have told how to use Tinder on Android phones for beginners today. We will provide more tutorials for the application at incoming days.

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