How to Fix Tinder Error 40303 Code

When you get banned from Tinder, you are not going to get any official statement from the application or devs.  However you are going to face with Tinder Error 40303. This code actually a official statement of Tinder that your account has been banned from the application. I am going to tell you how to fix this error on here. I hope this guide is going to work for you.

There are a few ways to fix to fix Tinder error 40303 code. You will see all solutions on this page with internal guidelines of How to Chat Online.

What does Tinder Error 40303 Mean?

Tinder Error 40303 means that you have been banned from Tinder. It also means that your account is suspended and you can’t login it anymore.

Why Are You Getting Tinder 40303 Error Code?

Someone doesn’t like you. He or she tried to manipulate Tinder report on your account. He/she reported you several times with different accounts.

You violated terms of Tinder. Maybe you have violated terms of Tinder unwittingly or knowingly. However this will make you get Tinder 40303 error code.

Several reports on your account. If you disturb people with messages too much, you can get reported by users on the app.

Tinder Error 40303

How to Fix Tinder Error 40303 on iPhone or Android

Contact Tinder. This is one of the most important steps to get unbanned. However you should use this option if you really think that you don’t deserve the ban. If you violated terms of the website and honestly if you have a free account, they won’t care about your ban.

Get Unbanned and remove Tinder Error 40303. If you violated terms of the website, you will need to get unbanned from the website. However this is going to be a long adventure for you. You can check our guideline for getting unbanned on Tinder to learn all steps.

Register to Tinder without a real phone number. While you are trying to remove Error Code 40303 on Tinder, you will need a phone number. This very key for you to fix Tinder Error 40303. If you try use the same phone number with your banned account, you are going to face with same error code too.

Use pictures with less facial features. Yes! Tinder can understand who are you with your pictures. So we recommend you to upload your pictures with glasses and caps. Don’t upload pictures which shows your face fully. We also recommend you to not to use same pictures with your banned account.

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