How to Make The Best Profile on Tinder

Tinder is the most popular worldwide dating app. With this application, you can meet different kinds of people. To meet them you need to be matched. On the main page, you have to swipe the profile that appears on the screen. If you swipe right it means you want to match with them, but if you swipe to the left which means you are not interested in them. Let’ find out what are features that we care about while swiping a person in this application.

Be Sincere

Everybody, no matter of gender, wants to see a smiling face around them. Do not look arrogant or rude in your photo since this will decrease your matching rate. Just be yourself and show your unique aura with your profile photo. For your profile, do not use chopped photos, this will bring curiosity and people might think your ex. That’s why to use your sincere, fun, and unique photos for your Tinder profile.

Do Not Use Word Abbreviation

Word abbreviations don’t look and sound as nice as the real word, so use nice adjectives to impress the other person. From your daily hobbies,  your profession, your school, to your job, you need to show any subject that make you look interesting.

Add more photos

You have to choose your wonderful photos with different themes to show different parts of your character. For example, if you own a dog or cat, you can show it to someone with a potential match with a photo of the two of you. In addition, you can show that you live a social and active life by sharing a photo of yourself while doing your hobbies.

Keep It Short

It is very important that the introduction of yourself that you will write in the bio section of tinder must be simple, interesting, and entertaining. Since no one wants to review profiles for hours in this application, highlight yourself with a remarkable introductory article.

By applying these suggestions, you can create an ideal Tinder profile and increase your chances of being matched.

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