How Do I Cancel Tinder Gold Account

Tinder is a well-known dating app. With this app, you can match with someone to talk and date with. Before choosing anyone, you need to select your location, your gender, and your gender preferences. People who are using this app, want to communicate with a lot of people. Tinder turns this request into a vested interest. To increase users’ rate of matching, there is a Tinder gold option. You can buy this option from the app. By that, you will be able to increase your rate of matching on Tinder. But if you are no longer using Tinder or you don’t want to pay for Tinder gold anymore, How do you delete your Tinder gold membership?

Tinder Gold cancelation steps can vary due to your device. Let’s follow these steps for IOS:

If you are using iPhone you need to go to iPhone Settings. Then, you need to tap your username on the phone and open the Subscriptions section that you see on this page. Select the Tinder Gold subscription and with this final step, select cancel the Tinder gold subscription. This is a really easy and effective solution for IOS users.

Now, if you are an android user, you need to follow these steps :

In the first step, you need to open the Google Play Store from your phone. After that, find the menu icon and tap on it. On the menu section, you will see the Subscriptions section which you need to tap. When this section is opened, choose the tinder gold options and tap on the cancel it.
If you want to cancel this subscription from your desktop, you can easily fix it by following these steps:
At first, you need to visit website. When you enter your account, tap on your profile icon. In the profile, you will see the Manage Account section, you need to choose gold membership to cancel your subscription.

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