How to Get Unbanned from Tinder [Solved]

If you ever get banned from Tinder because of some reasons, you can also get unbanned. Since we got too much requests from our visitors for this subject, we decided to provide information on that. There will be things you should do and things you shouldn’t do for get unbanned from the application. We will mention about all of those on here.

We recommend you to start with contacting Tinder about the situation first. It will be the best option for you get unbanned. However this may take some time but it is the only way to recover your account from the banned. Otherwise you will need to create a new account but since your associated phone number and Facebook is banned, you won’t able to register… You are going to get error code 40303 after you got banned from Tinder. We will provide solutions for all of those on this page.

Banned from Tinder How to Get My Account Back

If you think that you have banned from Tinder without any good reason and if you would like to get your account back, you will need to contact Tinder for this. You can see the contact tinder step below to get more information about how to do that. However when we check review of people about getting accounts back, we have seen that Tinder can ignore some of those requests. However there are also important amount accounts that they have restored. So we recommend you to give a try this.

If you violate the term of the app/website, it is highly likely that your ban will be permanent.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

You will find all steps to get unbanned from Tinder below. Let’s start with recovering your banned account.

Contact Tinder

You can contact Tinder staff to get unbanned from the application. However if you did something not acceptable, they are not going to remove it. This is how you can contact MeetMe about your ban.

1. Go Tinder contact page.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

2. The section “What is This Regarding?” should be “Help/Support“.

Tap Help - Support

3. Select your device at the second field.

Select Your Device

4. Enter your email address and associated phone number to the next two fields.

enter your email address and associated phone number

5. Now, you will need to request Tinder staff to get unbanned in on the text area field.

Request Tinder Staff to Get Unbanned

6. Finally submit your request and send it to staff.

Key Facts to Get Unbanned with Contacting Tinder

  1. Use kind language while you are writing them.
  2. Avoid telling them “remove my ban asap”, “unban me quickly“, etc.
  3. Read terms of Tinder and figure out your mistake.
  4. Mention about what got you banned from Tinder and you won’t do the same.
  5. Explain your demands from Tinder staff as much as you can nicely…

When They Will Respond You?

The answer of this question is completely unknown. However large social networking companies generally answers questions in 2 weeks. This is very long time for you or you waited 2 weeks and no response? You can take a look at steps below.

Bypass Tinder Ban with Facebook Account

Yes, you can use your Facebook account to bypass Tinder ban. However ensure that you haven’t associated that Facebook account with your banned Tinder account. Otherwise this step will also make you get banned from Tinder once more. If you don’t want to use your Facebook account to bypass Tinder ban, you can swipe/scroll down to see all other solutions for your device.

How to Get Unbanned with Same Phone Number

You will need to do the following steps for Web, Android and iOS to get unbanned from Tinder.


1. Go to settings of your phone.

Step 1 Tap Settings on Your Android Phone

2. Tap Apps.

Step 2 Tap on Apps

3. Find Tinder and tap on the icon.

Step 3 Find and Tap Tinder

4. Tap Force Stop.

Step 4 Tap Force Stop

5. Select Storage.

Step 5 Tap Storage

6. Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Step 6 Clear Cache and Data of Tinder

7. Go Back.

Step 7 Go Back

8. Uninstall Application.

Step 8 Uninstall Tinder

9. Create a new Facebook account.

Create Facebook Account

10. Install Monster VPN from Play Store.

Install Monster VPN

11. Run VPN Monster on your phone.

Run Monster VPN

12. Install Tinder from App Store.

Install Tinder from App Store

13. Associate your new Facebook account with Tinder.

Important Notes for Android Steps

You are done! You have unbanned your account now. If Tinder requires you to have a phone number please see our tutorial about how to use Tinder without phone number.

Let’s explain you why there is too much steps for Android. There are three ways that Tinder can detect you and your account can be banned again because of those facts. First one is your IP number. The second one is your Facebook account. The third one is your cache and data.

We have cleared cache and data with correct ways in first 8 steps. So you won’t be detected with those datas. Then we get rid of your IP with VPN Monster which I use it very often. It is the best one. So we also removed the IP threat. Finally with creating new Facebook account we removed all facts which will get you banned once more. Now you get unbanned from Tinder. You can start to use your new account!

You shouldn’t also forget to run VPN before every login attempt to Tinder. If you have dynamic wifi connection, restarting router will also help you about this.

iOS (How to Get Unbanned from Tinder with iPhone and iPad)

  1. Tap and hold on Tinder main screen > Tap x icon to uninstall.
  2. Create a new Facebook account.
  3. Install a VPN service for iPhone or iPad.
  4. Run VPN application on your phone.
  5. Reinstall Tinder from App Store.

Important Notes for iPhone Steps

Now you get unbanned from Tinder with your iPhone device and your problem is solved. You will have a question on your mind that uninstalling and clearing data process was too long for Android. Why? It is because you don’t clear data and cache when you uninstall an application on Android. However you will lose all those data if you uninstall an app on iOS devices.

Please don’t forget to run VPN before you enter to Tinder.

Get Unbanned from Tinder on PC and Mac (Windows, Linux, other OS)

1. Click three dot menu on your Chrome browser.

Three Dot Menu of Chrome Browser

2. Hit CTRL+H on your keyboard.

3. Click on Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browsing Data

4. Click on Advanced Tab > Select All time from the time range options > Mark Browsing history > Mark Cookies and other site data > Mark Cached Images and Files > Click on Clear Data

Clear Data on Chrome

5. Close Chrome browser.

Close Chrome Browser

6. Restart your internet connection from router.

7. Create a new Facebook account.

8. Download a VPN Service from Internet. It can be Ultrasurf since it is free.

9. Run VPN on your device.

10. Go to Tinder and create a new account.

Important Notes for Get Unbanned from Tinder on Web

Now your problem is solved. However we want to remind these important notes to you… You will certainly need to change your IP to get into the Tinder once more on Web. Otherwise you won’t able to create an account on Tinder or you are going to get banned again. You shouldn’t also forget to run VPN. If you would like to use your banned account, you will need to contact to Tinder for this situation.  Once your account has banned, you won’t able to use it again until the website staff thinks the otherwise.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder Solved - iOS - Android - Web - PC - Mac - Windows

How to Get a New Phone Number to Have a New Account

We have mentioned about this under the Android section but maybe you are going to miss it if you are not using Android. If you need a new phone number which you can associate to your Tinder account, you should take a look at our tutorial about “How to Use Tinder Without Phone Number“. You will find step by step information on that tutorial and it will help you to get a virtual phone number. If you would like to have a permanent Tinder account, we recommend you to have a paid one.

Tinder Banned Me for No Reason! What Should I Do?

You get banned with no reason and we know it hurt feelings… However you should stay calm… If you think that you haven’t violated any Tinder terms, we recommend you to try contact Tinder first and wait for their response. Please talk them nicely if you are evern right in your case. It can take some time for the response but it will worth it… Why? If you create a second and if you get detected by Tinder staff, they can show your ban reason as multiple accounts. So don’t hurry to create an another account at the first stage. Otherwise your problem will already solved with the tips above.

We will be with you about more tips about Tinder at incoming days. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us with our support page via clicking on button below. Today, we have told you about how to get unbanned from Tinder on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows (Browser – Web) devices.

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