Unable to connect to Skype

Skype is an application that is often used as a video chat tool all around the world. Thus, if you get constant errors while using, it would be a frustrating situation. Although Skype is not an application that constantly receives errors, sometimes in-app problems and other times from the device you connect to the application may occur. There are multiple ways to fix the problems, let’s analze how you can solve the connection problem of Skype.

Check Skype Heartbeat

Before you start solving this problem on your own, you need to check if there is a problem with the skype public service. If you have a problem with your Skype connection or are unable to use a certain Skype feature, first check the Skype Heartbeat page. But how do you control it?

You can access it from the Skype app by clicking the three-dot Menu button on the top left of the app and opening the Settings menu. Select Help & Feedback from the list on the left, then click Skype Status to open the page in your browser. Thanks to this page, you can learn the general system status of Skype. If there are any problems with Skype’s infrastructure, you will see them here. The page also lists the latest Skype issues for reference. This way you can see if the problem is with you or not.

Go to Skype Sound Settings

If there is a problem in the connection, it may be caused by problems in the internal settings, in such cases, it would be best to check all the settings. First go to sound settings and enable the Allow apps to access your microphone slider, and make sure the Skype app has permission too. Then you must scroll down to allow desktop apps to access your microphone as well. After you finished these steps, make sure you have the master and Skype sliders enabled there, too.

Review Skype Video Settings

Assuming you have a webcam since you’re making a video call, you can control the Video pane just as you control the Audio settings in Skype’s Settings window. Here you should see a preview feed from your webcam. Like audio options, if you have more than one webcam installed, click on your device name in the top right to switch to another. If you solve this problem properly, you will be able to connect it.

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