Skype Contacts are not Showing Up

Skype contacts are not generally showing up because of using the older version of the program/application or because of connection issues or because of settings of the application/program. We are going to tell you how to resolve this contact problem on Skype. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. We will respond you as soon as possible.

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Why Skype Contacts are not Showing Up

You can find reasons of why Skype contacts are not showing up below. There will be also solutions for each problem. You can let us know if your problem doesn’t solved at all via commenting this page.

Using Older Version of Skype

If you are using an older version of Skype, you are going to have several problems with the program or application. You will need to update it.

Windows/Mac: Login to your account > Click on Help > Check for Updates

Android: Go to Play Store application > Tap on Menu > Select My apps & Games > Check the update list and update Skype

iOS: Run App Store > Tap on Updates on the bottom menu > Find Skype from the list and Update!

That is all you need to do for updating the version of Skype.

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Connection Problem

Sometimes Skype doesn’t work well because of connection problems. The best option for this is changing network. You can do the following to fix connection problem:

Android and iPhone

  • Ensure that you have killed Skype on your device.
  • Change your network to Wi-Fi. (If you are using Wi-Fi, change it to mobile.)
  • Run Skype again.

PC and Mac

  • Close Skype on your device.
  • Go to router and unplug your device.
  • Wait for 15-20 seconds.
  • Plug your router again.
  • Run Skype on your PC or Mac.

Skype Contacts are not Showing Up

Skype Contacts Settings

Sometimes people can change settings of Skype contacts unknowingly and that can create problems. Sometimes that’s why Skype contacts are not showing up. You will need to ensure that you haven’t done of those below:

Firstly go to Skype Menu and then Contacts…

  • Check “Hide Contacts Who” option in contacts menu and ensure that you didn’t tick any option there.
  • Contact Lists should be marked as “All“.

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