Skype Contact List Problem And How To Fix It?

Skype is an application that provides video calls and we use it to talk to our loved ones when necessary and to hold meetings with our business contacts when necessary. that’s why our links in the system are very important. Because of this problem, it may be difficult for you to hold some meetings or conversations, but we will explain how this problem can solve for you in this article. There are multiple ways to fix the issue so here is the detailed informations to fix it.

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Check Your Version Of Skype

If you are using an older version of Skype, it can cause several problems on your account and this will put you in a frustrating situation. Thus, you would not able to use it as efficiently as you like. You can try to update the version of the app and check if the problem is continuing or not. To update it follow the steps below:

Windows/Mac: Login to your account > Click on Help > Check for Updates

Contacts Settings

Sometimes Skype can automethically change your connection settings or users can unknowingly change the settings.Because of that, you can experience contact list disappear problem however, you can fix this problem. To fix it, first click on the Skype menu and then go to the Contacts tab. Check “Hide Contacts” in the Contacts menu and make sure you don’t tick any options there. The Contact Lists should be marked as “All”. With changing your settings you will be able to get your contactions available to call.

Check Your Connection

If you are having a connection problem on your ınternet server, it can cause a default on the Skype. This problem can be solved by changing your connection of the WIFI or speeding your current network connection .

If you have checked and completed the items in the solution steps we have compiled for you for this problem and you are still getting an error, feedback can be sent to the main unit of the Skype application, or you can send an e-mail to the support team to get information or consult about the subject, or you can ask your questions about the subject to the skype virtual representatives.

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