There is No Add Contact Icon on Skype

Skype has removed add contact icon or button for years ago. However those who are beginners with the application are still seeking for a add icon on the messenger on Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows. We are going to tell you how you can add contacts on Skype Messenger on this page. You can also take a look at our guide for Android devices: How to Add Someone on Skype Android

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There is No Add Contact Icon on Skype (For iPhone and Android)

As we have told above, there is not any add contact icon or button Skype. However this is how you can add people on the application on Android or iPhone:

  • Launch Skype application on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Tap on search icon.
  • Search phone number, username, Skype ID or email of the contact.
  • Tap and hold onto the contact name on search results.
  • Tap view profile.
  • You will see a large button as “Add on Skype”.
  • Tap on the button to add your contact.

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Windows and MAC Operating Systems

You can do the following for Windows and MAC OS since there is not any add contact icon on Skype:

  • Run Skype on your device.
  • Click on search field.
  • Type Skype ID, email address, contact name, Skype ID or phone number to search your friend.
  • Right click onto the profile of contact that you want to add.
  • Click on view profile and then Add on Skype.
  • Done! You add your friend now.

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There is No Add Contact Icon on Skype

You can also Send Message without Adding Contact

You can also send message to someone without adding her or him. All you need to do is searching your friend and clicking on his/her profile with left click and then sending message.

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