If you would like to delete a Skype account and if you don’t want to face with Microsoft account removing problem, you can learn how to do it without losing your account. Our tips are working for MAC, Windows, iOS, Android and any other OS. You can find detailed information at next paragraphs for removing your account. You don’t need to use any third party website or program to delete Skype account without Microsoft account. We recommend you to contact support of Skype if you get intro trouble with steps below.

If you just want to remove your account and if you don’t care about Microsoft account please see: How to Delete Skype Account

How to Delete Skype Account without Microsoft Account

  • Run a browser in your device.
  • Go to Skype’s official website.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to “Account Details”.
  • Select “Account Settings” from options.
  • Click unlink to remove your Microsoft ID from Skype.

This is the important step if you want your Microsoft account to stay alive. If you ignore steps above, you may lose your account in Microsoft too.

Get more information on changing the Skype ID: Can I Change Skype ID?

Contact Skype Support

Since your account is not linked with Microsoft, you can’t delete your Skype Account now. The only way to delete your Skype account is contacting Skype Support. There is a live chat support of Skype. You can contact them and you can ask support to remove your account.

If you want to delete your Skype Account which has linked with Microsoft account, the support will ask you to follow removal steps which you will also delete the Microsoft. So please don’t forget to unlink your account first. Additionally you will see account closure help page on support page. We recommend you to not to enter the account closure page since it is about closing Microsoft account.

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