Can’t Add Contacts on Skype

There are some common problems on messenger applications. Adding contact problem on Skype is one of those problems. It is a problem more than an error, because there is nothing wrong with technical with that. This is generally occurring because of wrong usage of the messenger or other user stuff. Sometimes new users are looking for a add icon/button to add a contact in Skype. This is another problem too. You can see how to add someone with our guide, if you are newbie on Skype:  There is No Add Contact Icon on Skype

If you are not having problem with adding a contact but contacts doesn’t appear on messenger, see this guide: Skype Contacts are not Showing Up

Can’t Add Contacts on Skype

If you can’t add contacts on Skype, you will need to check following steps:

Check Updates

We recommend you to check updates. Sometimes old version  of Skype can be problematic. You can check recent updates of the software from application stores. If you are using Skype on PC, you can check recent updates from the messenger itself.


If there is something wrong with your application, reinstalling can easily fix that. This can happen at times. You don’t lose any contact via reinstalling Skype. All you need to do is uninstalling the app and then installing it from application stores which is relevant with your operating system.

This both options are easiest ways to fix your problems. If you are using PC, you will need to ensure that all Skype files has been cleared from your device for reinstalling. Otherwise this step won’t work correctly for you.

Can't Add Contacts on Skype

If you meant to find active people on Skype randomly, you can check this guide. It will help you to find friends through application: How to Find Active People on Skype

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