How to Sign Up for a Username on HCO Forum

How to Chat Online forums is providing support for their users for years for each instant messaging apps, online chat sites, dating websites and more. We will go on to provide solutions for our users in both HCO and our forums. However we have some technical problems at forums at the moment. You won’t able to use our forums until we make some changes there. This is a recent issue though. When we open the membership for our visitors again, you can check tips below.

How to Sign Up for a Username on HCO Forum?

To sign up for a username on How to Chat Online forum, you will need to do the following:

  • Tap on forums in the menu.
  • Tap register button which is located at the top of forums.
  • Enter username, email address and password to fields.
  • Accept privacy and policy, forum terms, agree that you have read all terms and privacy.
  • Fill the reCaptcha.
  • You created your account now, feel free to write our forums.

Is there Any Alternative Way to Get Username?

You can send a message to us through contact us or sending a mail to our email. Our email is [email protected] You can let us know that you want a new account. Our staff is going to as soon as possible.

We have created this content due to a question of our visitor. We hope that this is useful for you. If you have any questions regarding forums, feel free to ask us. We can give more detailed information to you about questions.

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