Complaints on New Ban Policy of Video Chat Sites

Recently we got an email one of our users and we are glad to publish her complaints about current ban terms of random video chat sites. We are also glad to make her voice heard for the future developers of video random chat. You can also contact us anytime for make your voice heard about any issue.

This is what we received from our user:

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Complaints on New Ban Policy of Video Chat Sites

I noticed that there are currently no more random video chats without ban. In fact, after Shagle, Chatrandom and the like introduced the ban, the only unmoderated chats left were and Funyo.

A few weeks ago these sites too have introduced the ban. All these sites had and have the same users and the ban of a site is recognized by everyone else. Thousands of users have been banned and do not have the possibility to use alternative chats because they no longer exist. I decided to send this mail to express my disappointment and that of many other users for the new policy of all video chat sites.

In particular, I think the mistake was to change the conditions of use and have the site classified by ESRB as M (mature). It would have been more advisable not to change the conditions of use and classify it as A (adult only). Moreover, I think it was not right not to create, together with these changes, an unmoderated section in sites, in order to let the user to choose to use an unmoderated chat.

As I and other thousands of users we have no voice to express our disappointment, I turned to you so you can hear our voice and to know if it is possible that in the future are born other random video chat sites without ban with the same basin of users who had sites that now have the ban or such sites decide to create an unmoderated section. Please tell me that I am not witnessing the death of free video chat without moderation. I thank you for the services you offer and please contact me at this email address.

Best regards.


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We thank to Andrea for sharing her thoughts with us. We believe that internet should be for everyone and limiting usage of the websites won’t be a clever attempt of developers at all.

If you ever want us to make your voice heard, you can contact us through

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