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We have mentioned about Omegle much on our website and we have decided to write a review about it. You can make complaints or you can comment about our review with our comment field below. You can also write your own review about the website and write your own thoughts. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Omegle is one of the best sites which has many users whole around the world. I think no one can deny it. It is somewhat making the website dangerous for people since it is hard to control this much people. There are generally people from United States of America on Omegle. There are also people from India, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. You can meet people from those countries on the website. Turkey was in the top list but Turkish government has blocked it for years ago.


Security & Privacy

We are sure that Omegle staff is doing their best for keeping the security on the website. However this is enough? We don’t think so… Since the there are too many arrests through this website and since there are too many bad user experience, we cannot tell you this website is secure to talk to people. However we don’t also tell you that the website is full of perverts. Good people are more than them on the website.



Omegle is one of the best sites which is providing the best features to their users. You can talk to people freely on the website and make new friends. It is free at all and there is no membership. However once you have lost someone, you will hardly find him/her again. We were providing Lost Connections service for this but we have closed it recently. There are random text chat, random video chat, spy mode, colleague chat.



Omegle have a few important problems which makes lots of troubles their users. One of those problems is connection error while you are trying to connect to the website. You can face with this error especially at weekends since the website is overloaded with users. This problem can occur at times. If there is not any problem at your IP or connection, you will need to wait staff to fix the problem. The other serious problem is bots on text chat. People are started to look for alternatives of Omegle because of bots. Especially those who would like to chat on the text chat platform. The other important problem is Omegle can detect their users as a bot and they need to fill the CAPTCHA form everytime.



You can meet people from every countries on the website. You can chat with girls or guys. You can meet people with different cultures and interests. You can make new friends and you can socialize through Omegle.



Video Chat


Text Chat








Online Users



  • 100% free.
  • No registration required.
  • It has many good features like dorm chat and spy mode.
  • Multiple languages are available. You can also meet people from countries who are living in your country with language feature of the website. You can select English for meeting people from abroad.
  • Random chat features for text and video is awesome and many random chat sites are inspired by
  • There are many online users from different countries on the website.
  • The first random chat service and it is still one of the best services which provides online random chat platform.


  • There is not a good mobile application of the website for video chat.
  • The website has serious issue with detecting bots and with captcha.
  • Many known issues on Omegle about the security of your identity.
  • Known issues with connecting the server.

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