What Happened to Omegle TV and Omegle Me?

Omegle TV and Omegle Me Changed Their NamesThere are many websites on internet who are using name of the Omegle. A few weeks ago some of these sites has been closed and they started to give service at another name. Omegle TV was one of the most popular random chat services on internet. It was providing many dating opportunities for meet girls and guys from different countries. There was also a service for meet girls only. However the site has been redirected to another random chat service at the moment, since, Omegle is a trademark. We believe that Omegle has been applied to DMCA service of the Google and they have issued a copyright against Omegle TV.

We believe that the same thing happened against Omegle Me. The website was one of the most popular Omegle alternatives. However they had to change their name with another service recently too. We are going to introduce these services for you on here. However you can find more information on at incoming pages of How to Chat Online. You will find a small review about new sites of Omegle Me and Omegle TV. Let’s tell you about these sites a little bit.

Omegle.tv has Became Ome.tv

Omegle.tv has became Ome.tv recently and it’s going on to giving a service under of this name at the moment.  There’s also disclaimer notification at the chat panel of the site at the moment and the notification says “Ome.tv in no way implies or claims any association with Omegle.com”. We believe that it’s also a proof copyright issue between Omegle.tv and Omegle.com.

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Omegle.me Became Shagle.Com

Similar issues has happened with this website too. Omegle.me  was another good Omegle alternative service. However there’s a name change on Omegle.tv too. There’s also a change on the design too. The new service name is Shagle.com on the site. There’s a change in design on the site. The site is going on to give same services on Shagle.com too.

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