Websites That You Can Create Free Group Chat

Group chat sites are very popular internet for private conversations. You can create your own chat too. These are known services which allows you to have such a service on internet:

1-) HipChat

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You can create two kind of services on HipChat and you can also add a chat to your website if you are owning one. There’s two pricing plan in HipChat. One of these plans is free and the other is very cheap (5 dollars monthly). A registration required for using this platform.

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Free plan

  • It’s compatible with MAC, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Group chat is available.
  • Guests can enter the chat.
  • 5 GB Sotrage
  • Stores 25.000 messages and a search feature located in message history.
  • Only text chat available.
  • File share.

Paid Plan

All features in free plan and:

  • Video chat.
  • Screen share.
  • Unlimited file storage.
  • Unlimited message storage.

You are going to create a secure rooms with HipChat and you will able to store all your files with this company. There’s very easy and modern interface. You are going to enjoy while you are chatting with your colleagues, friends or family. You can invite any people you want. Instant messaging is available on the service. You can also add created room to your website.

2-) Group Me

Group Me is another group chat creator, which will help you to own a room. There are many good features on Group Me and it’s 100 percent free!  You can sign up or sign in with your facebook account to the site. Registration required. The system is requiring you to give your phone number too. If you would like to have one without giving phone, we recommend you to take a look at alternative ones.


  • Facebook sign up and sign in.
  • Requires users to give their phone no to register.
  • You can share pictures, videos, galleries and locations.
  • Only text chat is available on Group Me.

3-) Chatstep

Chatstep is very simple group chat platform which is no registration required. You can easily understand interface of the site. You share files on Chatstep. There’s no many features of this group chat, however it’s still very good if you want to create a basic platform.

Chatstep Group Chat Interface, Click to Enlarge, Hit ESC to quit.


  • No registration required.
  • You can create a room quite fast.
  • You can drag and drop files to share.
  • There’s no video or audio calls.
  • Maximum 50 people in a room.
  • You can embed to chat room to your website.
  • There’s a  work on group video chat

Chatstep has announced that they have started to work on a group video chat recenly. This feature will allow 6 users to video chat with each other at the same time and it seems Chatstep won’t require cash for this feature. If you would like to get your room instantly it’s one of the best options for you.

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One thought on “Websites That You Can Create Free Group Chat

  • July 15, 2015 at 5:52 am

    Hi, thanks for the heads-up on those solutions.

    Thought I’d chip in with another one – Chatwee – that lets you get a public chatroom on your site, with users being able to hold private conversations as well. There’s a basic registration process, after which you can just copy-paste the code and use the free version of the chat as long as you want. It has file sharing capability, emojis, country flags and an overall nice, Facebook-like design.

    Most of the other features mentioned here are also available and live video chat is under development.


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