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German Video Chat GirlsThere are many German chat sites on the internet, however, it’s hard to find random chat sites. VideoChat DE is one of the most popular random cam chat sites in Germany. You can talk with many beautiful girls and guys from Germany on this site. We are going to tell you how to use this site and how to communicate with people. You will able to find some useful tips and some features of the site here. Actually, there are not many features on the site at the moment. If the site administrator manages to add a few good features, it can be a good alternative to Omegle. However, this site is still very good. There’s no text chat on the site but a camera is not required at all. So feel free if you just want to chat with text.

The site is in German, however, if you have used sites like Omegle and Chatroulette before, you don’t need to know it. You can use the site easily. There are many success stories on the site about dating. You can find many good partners for dating on the site. All features are free and no registration is required here. It will be a nice experience for you if you are new to random chat sites. We will already tell you how to use the site if you are a newbie. It’s easy.

How to Use

Enter VideoChat DE first and wait until the site loads. The system will ask you to enable your camera. I recommend you to use Google Chrome for the best performance. If you don’t want to chat with your cam, deny the usage of the camera. Click on the start button to begin to chat on the site. If you want to meet with your next partner you can click on the “nächstes” button.  The stop button is for disconnecting from the server.

How to Next People on Video Chat

If you don’t know German, it will be hard for you while you talk with strangers on the site. However, you can use our guidelines while you are talking with people. These are buttons and what they mean:

Start: Begin to Chat

Nächstes: Button for nexting people

Stop: Disconnect from Chat

Missbrauch Melden: Report User

That’s all you need to know!

Is it Moderated or Unmoderated Video Chat Site

VideoChat DE isn’t an unmoderated chat site. It’s a moderated chat site. However, the system is working with reporting people. Site admins or moderators are not spying on your conversation. So your identity and your IP information will be secured. If you violate to terms you can get banned from the site. So you should be careful about terms. You shouldn’t blackmail and hostile people, you should be dressed, you should show your face on the cam, you shouldn’t use fake webcam programs, etc. Otherwise, you may get a ban.

How to Get Unbanned

If you violate the terms of the site you can get banned. If you want to still join the site and if you don’t know how to get unbanned, you can read our post about Omegle: How to Get Unbanned From Omegle. You can follow some ways to get unbanned from this quality cam chat site.


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