Unable to Connect to Chat-Server (Sec)

Unable to Connect to Chat-Server (Sec)This error is about connection or server related problem. There are several ways to get rid of this problem. You can change your browser, change your IP, change DNS, connect your ISP service if you have dedicated IP and etc. We have already told you how to fix Unable to Connect to Chat-Server (Sec) error for you in our latest pages. You can also get unable-to connect to chat server due to security error on Chatrandom. You can read about that and get more information about this error and how to fix it at all. You can get these errors on some such sites such as Omegle Me, Omegle TV, Chatrandom and may be some other chat sites which are similar with these sites.

The problem is already can be about server latency, your anti-virus firewall, your operating system firewall. Sometimes it can be because of busy server too. Some servers accept only limited amount of users. If the site server is very busy, you can also get this error too. We are going to give you some solutions for you on here and I hope they will be useful for you! Let’s talk about how to resolve this error.

Check Your OS and Anti-Virus Firewall Settings for Chat-Server

Please check your operating system’s firewall settings first. If you ever see something which is related with camera, you should unblock it at all. Try connect to the site again. If you fail, this time check your Anti-Virus settings and firewall settings. If it’s clean, go to next step. If you ever see something about cam on your firewall settings, unblock it and try reconnect to site.

Unable to Connect Because of Server Latency or Busy Server

Unfortunately you have nothing to do about that. If you get this error “Unable to Connect to Chat-Server (Sec)“, if you have done any steps you did, it means it’s about server-related problem. You have nothing to do but refresh the page a few times. You will able to join the chat in a few mins or secs. It won’t take too much time.

If you couldn’t fix it with these options, please also click here. see our other solutions for this error.

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