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TchaTche.Com is one of the most popular sites in French Speaking countries. You can meet with people from West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Western Europe and Northern America on the site and you will find a suitable partner which is close to you. However the site is international since there are many language options there. The site is about dating chat at all and users are not generally want temporary relationship or such on the site. If you want a serious relationship, you can find many girls and guys here to talk. There are also people from other countries too because there are many other language options on the site. We will also mention about these options in this page for you. If you are new on the site and you don’t know how to use it, we recommend you to read our guideline about this site on here.

TchatTche.Com is very reliable and safe chat site. It hasn’t got video chat and it doesn’t allow people to prank you and record your video on the site. Text chat sites are always safer than video chat sites. We recommend you to use such sites if you want to start a relationship on internet. If you think that your partner is trustworthy, you can share your Skype account her.

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How to Use TchaTche.Com

It’s very easy to use TchaTche.Com and it’s a quality French chat site. You don’t need to spend too much effort for join to site. If you want to start to chat on the site and if you don’t know French language you can do following steps.

  • Go to main page of the site.
  • Click on online button.
  • Select preferred language. There’s 13 language options there.
  • After you select language, the site will redirect you to entrance page for chatting.
  • Select Free Access
  • Type a nickname and a description for yourself and select your age, country and gender.
  • Click on connect to chat button.
  • Select a chat partner from left sidebar and click twice on her nickname.

Now, you can talk to strangers on this French chat site. It’s a chat room based dating chat platform. If you are seeking for random dating chat sites, you can take a look at alternatives on How to Chat Online.

Languages: French, Spanish, English, Russian, Latvian, German, Portuguese and More

You can use more than 13 language options on the site. It makes the site easy to use and it’s very handy. French, Spanish, English, Russian, Latvian, Portuguese and more…  You can use one of these languages on the site. The languages has written in original languages on the site, these are complete list of language options:

  • Français: French
  • Español: Spanish
  • Russki: Russian
  • Latvijas: Latvian
  • Italiano: Italian
  • Português: Portuguese
  • Türkçe: Turkish
  • Vlaams: Flemish
  • Polska: Polish

You can use same features on the site with these languages too.

Top 5 Countries

If you would like to know where are users from on TchaTche.Com, we got some statistics for you. So you can take a look at our top countries list on here and you can prefer to chat on the site or not. Since the site has published as a French chat, French speaking countries are coming first on the top 5 list. These are Top 5 country list who are chatting on the site:

  • 1st Algeria (North Africa)
  • 2nd France (West Europe)
  • 3rd Belgium (West Europe)
  • 4th Morocco (North Africa)
  • 5th Madagascar (East Europe)

The site is international chat site. You won’t only meet with people from French speaking countries, there are also people from USA, Canada, Turkey, Latvia, Russia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Arab countries and some Asian countries on the site.

Mobile Applications for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Windows Phone

If you have a mobile phone or smartphone, you can still enter TchaTche.Com with applications. There are some applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on Appstore. You can download these applications from iTunes too. There’s also a good application for Android phones on Google Play. If you are using Windows Phone, don’t worry about it. You can still download it from Windows App Store. Besides you can still use this dating chat site in any language you want with these applications.

Video Chat and Audio Chat

Unfortunately there’s no feature like video chat or audio chat on the site yet. If site administrator makes any update about it, we will also update this page and introduce you video chat and audio chat options. If you would like to talk to people on an international chat with Dating options, TchaTche.Com is a good option for you.

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