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Do you want to chat with with people from Finland? You can easily do that on Randomi.Fi! We are going to introduce you a chat site of this country on this page and you will able to meet with many people from Scandinavia North Europe. If you want to meet beautiful girls of Finland, you can take a look at our review and learn how to chat on the site. So it will be easy for you to get new friends from this country. There are always more than 300 online people on the site and  girl user numbers are equal with male users. So you can meet with both genders. You can also filter gender on some parts of the site. There are

There are four kind of chat on Randomi Fi: text chat (Teksti), elevator chat (Hissi), video chat (Video) and +18 chat (Sukupuoli). People are generally prefer to chat on Finnish language on the site but if you speak English to them, they will answer you in English language. It’s a good chat site for meeting with Finnish girls. It’s very professional random chat site and to be honest it’s almost better than Omegle. You will meet with many beautiful Finnish girls on the site.

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Chat on Randomi Fi

There are four kind of chat rooms on the site  If you don’t know Finnish you can use Google translate from your browser. If you don’t have Google Chrome, we have made three videos for you. You can watch our videos. We are going to tell you how to use these chat types with text too.

Text Chat ( Teksti Chat )

If you want to chat with your partners with text chat, you need to click on “Teksti” button on the site. You will connect to a stranger after you click on it and you can begin to chat to strangers. For next a stranger on the site you should click on “Katkaise” (Close) button first and then click on “Varmasti?” (Sure?) button. These two buttons will help you to close connection with stranger. You need to click on “Paina, jos ei toimi” button for begin to chat with a stranger. If you want to send a photo of you (from cam), you can click on “Lähetä kuva” (Upload a photo) button. You can also upload a photo of you on the site. You can also send smileys to strangers on the site.

If you want to understand how to chat on the site better, you can watch our video.


Stranger Group Random Chat ( Hissi Chat )

This is one of the best features of the Randomi Fi. You can meet new people on group random chat and there are always more than 5 online strangers on a room. You can see number of online people from top right of the chat board. You can chat with people in English and Finnish languages on the site. It’s free to chat and no registration required. To enter to group chat,  go to main page of Random and click on “Hissi” button. You will automatically connect a group chat room. Fi,You can watch our video for learning how to use this section on the site.


Video Chat ( Chatroulette )

If you would like to use video chat you don’t need too much knowledge for that. Random Fi is providing a quality chatroulette service. It’s free and you don’t need to register to site for using this option. It’s free. There are generally people from Finland on the site, you will meet foreigners rarely. If you want to use this quality random chat service, just go to main page of Random Fi and click on Video button.

For next  a stranger click on “Seuraava” button, for stop chatting click on “Katkaise” button!

Android App and Mobile Versions

You can also download Randomi.fi android application for Google Play freely. You can make a search on Google Play as “Randomi fi” and you download the application. There’s not any other mobile versions of the site yet. If site staff publishes anything good, we will let you know about it.

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