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Video chat is a communication type that you can talk to people face to face with the help of camera and microphone devices. There are also video chat features in programs. We are generally calling these programs messengers. You need a camera for a chat on such sites and messengers. There is also text-based chat on programs. But some chat sites may require you to have a camera. Otherwise, you won’t able to use these sites.

If you enter chat sites with the camera it will be better for you. If you want to chat with people you should have a camera. Otherwise, people may skip you on the internet.

On these sites, people are generally speaking with strangers. Dating sites were very popular a few years ago but it’s not popular that much a few years ago. But nowadays chat sites replaced those sites and chat sites are dating like sites anymore. You can find a lot of girls who want to meet with you on such sites. Omegle, Chatroulette, and Chatrandom are the most known sites. We are going to give you a detailed list of these sites at the end of this post. There are also messengers like KIK, Skype, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, and Camfrog.

How to Use Video Chat

If you want to use video chat, you should have a camera device on your computer or tablet. Be sure that you have installed your device on your computer. If you don’t install the device correctly you won’t able to use your device. If you want to chat with beautiful girls or handsome men with video chat services, you should be careful about how you look in the camera. Don’t remove your clothes from the camera…

Popular Video Chat Services

Here is the list of popular video chat services (Chat sites, IMMessenger programs). You can find more information about these programs and sites on our site in the future. These services give you a good opportunity to start dating girls :

Omegle: It is the most popular video chat community in the world. Millions of active users, unique features, free services. Omegle is the first random chat service on the internet.

Chatroulette: Chatroulette is free to chat service that you can meet strangers. It has released just after Omegle. There is a huge community on this website too.

KIK Messenger: An application that you can talk to people with text and video chat.

Skype: A mobile application and also computer software that you can add people to. You can communicate with your loved ones with this app.

ICQ: One of the oldest instant messengers on the internet. It is still alive today and Russian citizens are using this service actively. There were also chat rooms of this service but mail.ru decided to close the ICQ IRC server recently.

Telegram: An application has created by a Russian developer. This app is allowing you to talk to your friends with video and text chat. You can also share videos and pictures with the help of this application.

WeChat: This is an application has created by a Chinese company. Creating an account is very problematic on the application. If you can manage to do that, you will find many nice features with this app. You can talk to people nearby, you can use the shake feature to talk to random people and you can use it as an Instant Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger: It is a very handy tool if you would like to talk to your friends through Facebook Chat on your mobile devices. It is available on Play Store and App Store.

Viber: Viber is an application that you can meet your friends and relatives on video calls and voice calls. You can also chat with people on text chat too.

WhatsApp: One of the most popular instant messengers in the world. You can do more than a video chat with this app. However, you can’t talk with anonymous people with this app.

Chat.org: Random video chat site that you can meet people randomly. It is free to chat. There are lots of online people who are looking for webcam chat on this service.

Chatrandom: Chatrandom is a community that you can meet strangers. It is very old as same as Chatroulette. You can meet people on a random chat on this platform.

Camskip: Camskip is very similar to other random chat communities. You can talk to strangers through chat rooms and you don’t need a camera to talk to strangers on video chat. This is somewhat making this website different when it is compared with others.

Camfrog: It is a software that provides chat rooms to you. You can meet people in video chat rooms with this. Camfrog only works with software.

Tiny ChatA popular broadcasting chat room service. You can talk to people about some topics on this website. There are many active users on here.

Imeetzu: Imeetzu is a service that looks like Omegle. You can find random text chat and random webcam chat on this service. It is free to use. You will generally meet Indians on here.

Chatroulette FR: Roulettechat FR or Chatroulette FR. This is a similar service with Chatroulette BE that is still alive. You can talk to online people on this service.

RouletteChat: Roulettechat is a service that you can meet people online. This is a bit different from other Chatroulette alternatives. You will find people on this website through chat rooms but you will able to skip them on the video chat.

Bazoocam: Perfect website if you would like to meet people from France, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and other countries of Africa. Bazoocam is still a very popular random chat platform in French-speaking countries.

Ebuddy: Ebuddy is an instant messenger that looks like WhatsApp with its simple interface. It is very easy to use the application. You can talk to your friends by text and video chat on Ebuddy. However, this service doesn’t relate to random chat at all.

Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is a software that you can use for call and video call your friends.

IMO.im: This is a quite popular instant messaging service that you can text to people. There is also a video call available on this app. You can use it on Android and iPhone devices.

Mibbit: Mibbit is a browser-based IRC chat service that you can join several IRC Servers and chat rooms. If the server supports video chat, you can use the video chat feature of an IRC service with the help of Mibbit.

ChatRide: The most popular Chatroulette Alternative to talk to strangers. You can make new friends with this web application. It is free to use!

Hollr: It is an application on Google Play and App Store that will help you to meet other women from whole around the world. It is for women only. Men are not accepted at all!

Jottle: Jottle is a chat website that you can video chat with people. It is free and no registration is required for this service.

Facebook Chat: It is one of the most popular chat services in the world. You can use this service to talk to your friends and relatives.

Video Chat Services That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

We shared these video chat services with you before. However, these services don’t provide service now.

Zoho Chat: It was an online community to make new people. It provides services for commercial purposes at the moment.

Chatroulette BE: Chatroulette BE was a service that provided a good random chat to their users from Belgium and other French-speaking countries. This service doesn’t continue at the moment.

Yahoo Messenger: It was an awesome community that provides video chat and text chat. Besides, there were Yahoo Chat Rooms that you can register for free. Unfortunately, Yahoo has closed this service recently.

Camzap: Camzap was a good chat site that provides a secure chat opportunity a while ago. This service has been closed recently. Zapcam.com is providing the same service at the moment.

Camflip: Camflip was a chat site that you can meet with people on a random chat. This service has closed recently and doesn’t work at the moment.

AIM: AOL Instant Messenger was a good service that you can meet with people online. It was very popular in the United States. This service does not continue at the moment.

Flipchat: Flipchat was a popular community that still people looking for… Unfortunately, this service has closed recently.

Gtalk: It was a Google Chat service in the past and Google has closed it recently. They replaced it with Hangouts.

Meebo: Meebo is discontinued and it became a part of Google Plus.

Kool IM: It was an instant messenger application that doesn’t continue at the moment.

ILoveIM: This service was similar to Kool IM and it was providing video call services to its users. It doesn’t continue at the moment as same as Kool IM.

HipChat: It was an online chat service that you can talk to your friends. It is replaced with Atlassian that has commercial purposes.

SocialCast: It was an application that provided video calls to its users for years. It doesn’t exist at the moment.

Campfire: Campfire was another application on Google Play. It was providing video calls, video chats to its users. It doesn’t work now.

Tinker: Tinker was an application that looks like the current Tinder app. It is released before Tinder but couldn’t manage to stay alive for so long.

Jaconda IM: Jaconda released as an instant messaging app first. Then they provide bots for Telegram. This service is closed now.

PrivyTalks: PrivyTalks were created 11 years ago. It was providing encrypted web chat to its users. The website doesn’t exist at the moment.

Convore: It was a real-time chat service. It is replaced with grove.io.

LiveGo: It was an application that was helping you to video chat on any social networking like Facebook, Google +… However after Google and Facebook stopped sharing their APIs on those fields. This service is discontinued.

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