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Omg Chat is a nice chat site where you can find female and male users. It’s a chat room based platform with many chat rooms. You don’t need to register to the site and you don’t need to pay for these service. However there are some paid features. You can send private messages to people with a free account. You can only chat with people on main chat platform. If you would like to private message to people, you should meet them on VIP chat rooms and you will need to pay for this feature. If you don’t want to pay for this feature, you won’t able to connect people privately. You will send messages on main platform once in every 10 seconds with a free account. You can unlock this limitation with a paid account. However you will able to use your video chat with paid feature. You will meet many nice girls and guys on this site.

How to Get Tokens on Omg Chat

Unfortunately there’s no free tokens on OmgChat. You will need to pay to get tokens. To get tokens, you will need an account first. You will need to register to the website to get an account. Registration is free and you won’t need to use your card details to get an account. You can click on “Register” button to get an account. After you are done with registration, login with your account to Omg Chat and click on “Get Tokens” button. This button will redirect you to a page which you can purchase tokens. After you get tokens from the site you are ready to chat with people privately on the site on VIP feature

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You can use Omg Chat in different languages on the site. These are English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese. You can change the language on drop down menu which is writing “English”. Select related language on the chat panel and begin to talk to people!

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  • December 5, 2018 at 7:45 am

    I have been banned from omgchat , for retaliating to abuse by MODs and a couple of models ,the abuse has been long running and absolutely horrendous , mods never act on it and only kick me if i retaliate , they allow people to be abused on their site and do nothing about it , i took screenshots of the abuse 25 of them from one day the day i got banned trying to do the right thing , it means nothing to them i am still banned and the abusers still being allowed to abuse honestly if your saw the screenshots of the abuse i was getting you wouldn’t believe it , i just don’t know who to complain to ? it’s been totally horrendous , if you want my advice never go on this site they have seriously almost drove me to suicide i was banned for reacting to prolonged abuse all they care about is making money however they get it and whoever they hurt . take a look at their model tutorial says it all about the contempt they have for men this is simply a forum for women to abuse men i am absolutely furious at how iv’e been treated especially by isabella from support@cammedia , if anyone could help me i’d be grateful what goes on on this site is wrong so wrong it’s criminal the way they treat people evil evil people .


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