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Omegle BY is a chat site where you can meet with nice people from Russia and Belarus. It’s free to use and there are many online girls users on the site. It’s a good Chatroulette alternative. However you don’t need to make payment for gender filter on the site. It’s free but they are still asking for payment for some features of the site. If you would like to contact with people which you have met on the site, you can get an account. No registration required on the site, if you want to use some features of the site, you need to register. If you register to site, you will need to make some payment for that.

There are two features on the site which you can use easily and there are two language options on the site (Russian and English). You can use one of these languages and you can talk to your partners. There’s video chat, dating chat and text chat features. You can select one of these chat opportunities and you can meet with many online people. You will able to find all details about site on here and you will talk to Russian female strangers easily. Let’s give you some detailed info about this Russian chat site.

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Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette feature of Omegle BY is free and there’s a gender filter for this feature. However you need to make payment for using some specialities of this feature. You can’t next your partner about 10 seconds on the site and it gives you some time to talk with your partners. If you are lucky enough you can easily get many online girls on this feature. Omegle BY doesn’t require you to make payment for gender specification on the site. However camera is required for Chat Roulette. If you don’t have any camera, you can try other services of the site. It’s one of the best video chat platform of Eastern Europe. This feature is based on random chat. So you won’t able to pick your partners at all.

Tip: You can still use fake webcam programs on the site.

This is screenshot of the site:

Dating Chat

If you have an account on the site, you can use this service. However you need to use your camera for creating a dating account. If you don’t have a camera, you can still use a fake webcam program, you can click here to see free virtual cam programs. When you have such programs, you can enter any video chat site. You will able to search partners from specific countries, cities, towns and regions in dating chat. It will be a quite useful feature for you to meet girls. This is not a random chat, you will able to see your partners video before you talk her or him.

Text Chat

Text Chat is free at all on Omegle BY. All you need to do is clicking on the button from main chat panel. Then you will start to talk to a stangers on the site automatically. However you can’t upload photos nor you can see your partners pictures on the site. When a stranger nexts you, you will need to click on  Start Search button to meet someone new. It’s easy to use.  There are many Russsian girls online in this feature.

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