How to Unban from Ome TV

If you would like to remove ban on Ome TV  (a.k.a Omegle TV) and if you don’t know how to do that, you will find tips on here for how to unban from Ome TV. Steps are quite easy but there are some situations which can make things harder for you. We will mention about those in our steps below and we hope that our solutions are going to work for you. Ome TV is a flash based website. Please don’t forget to clean your browser cookies in every steps. We recommend Google Chrome for chatting on flash based chat websites. Let’s see what to do for removing ban on Ome TV.

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How to Unban from Ome TV

There are many ways to unban from the website but we will try to give the most effective ways on here. You need to do the following steps for remove ban from Ome TV:

Ome TV Remove Ban with Unplug Router

Unplugging router is the easiest way to get rid of ban but simply restarting router won’t work at all. Firstly your internet connection needs to have a static IP first. If you don’t have it and if you don’t have any alternative IP, this steps won’t work. We recommend you to take a look at next steps:

  • Close the tab of Ome TV on your browser.
  • Clear cookies on your browser.
  • Close the browser.
  • Win+R on your computer and type “CMD” and hit enter.
  • ipconfig /flushdns = copy this and paste on command screen and hit enter.
  • Go to router and unplug it.
  • Wait for a minute and plug it again.
  • When you connect to internet, try connect Ome TV again.

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Remove Ome TV Ban with VPN

The best way to remove ban from a chat site is using VPNs. We recommend you to use Ultrasurf to get rid of this problem at all. We have given same tips for Omegle and we got lots of thanks messages from our users. As How to Chat Online team, we have tested this and we have seen that it is working like a charm on Ome TV too. So how can you do this?

  • Go to and download the zipped portable program.
  • Unzip the .exe file.
  • Run it on your computer.
  • Go to the website and check if you are still banned.
  • If you are banned, open ultrasurf interface.
  • Click on Options.
  • Change port number and try connect Ome TV again.
  • Change the port until you find the clean connection to the website.
  • Download Ultrasurf.
  • We prepared a video tutorial for the usage of Ultrasurf, you can watch it.

How to Unban from Ome TV

Bypass Omegle TV Ban with Other Proxy Services

We can say that it is almost impossible to bypass Omegle TV ban with using ordinary Proxy service. However you can download some Chrome extensions to get rid of these problems.

Check proxy services to bypass Omegle TV Ban.

Check alternative VPNs.

How to Get Unbanned from Ome TV on Android and iOS

If you are using the Ome TV application on Android and if you would like to get rid of the ban, you won’t have many chance as we have described above for PC. However there are still some ways bypass Ome TV Ban on Android.

  • If you were using Ome TV Android application, remove application from your device.
  • Change your connection type if possible. (If you were using Wifi, select mobile network, vice versa)
  • Change your Google Play account with a new gmail account.
  • Download and install the application to your device again.
  • Run the app.

If you get banned from browser of your mobile phone:

  • Clean all browser cookies and datas.
  • Change the connection type as we have mentioned above.
  • Install a VPN application from Google Play.
  • Join to Ome TV.

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