Chat Users Prohibited from Using ManyCam on Ome TV

Hello guys, I am Marek. We got a question from one of our visitors of How to Chat Online. I will do my best to answer his question on this page. He is having problem with his actual camera on Ome TV and get error from the website that he is using a ManyCam. Ome TV is stopping him to use video chat service because of this error. You can see the exact question at the following paragraph.

Question When I try to log in to Omegle Tv, all I see is a sign in the middle of the screen saying: The chat users are prohibited from using ManyCam program. Please delete prohibited program and restart the chat. I don’t have ManyCam. It’s so frustrating. It was working until a couple of weeks ago. I have tried all your suggestions but nothing works. Thanks in advance James.
Operating System OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
Application/Website Name Omegle TV
Device Brand Mac
Title Mr

I believe you are referring this solution which we provide solution when Ome TV doesn’t work but it is not the same issue.

Chat Users Prohibited from Using ManyCam on Ome TV

Hello James! Thank you for the question and writing “Mr” to title. You made my day really. :) Well, we firstly heard about this problem and it is quite strange. We follow improvement of Ome/Omegle TV for years and it is one of those random chat websites that we recommend our users. I believe developers of Ome TV has updated website with a new firewall against those camera softwares and unfortunately camera of your device in the list.

Chat Users Prohibited from Using ManyCam on Ome TV

How to Resolve This Error?

If you have any external camera device, you can use it on Ome TV. It will be good if it can be one of known camera brands. If you don’t have any other camera that you can plug into your MAC device, you will need to mail to support of Ome TV.

Firstly you will need to contact to the owner of the website. There is not any way to contact to the website owner through but you can do it from this official support email address of Ome TV in Play Store: [email protected]

Give them detailed information about your camera brand, operating system, device brand as same as you have done in our forms. We believe that they will help you about situation. If you are having problem with ban please take a look at our how to unban Ome TV tutorial.

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