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mobifriends girlsMobiFriends is a handy chat site where you can meet with people from different countries. There are especially many girls and guys from South American, North American countries. There are also many online people from Spain too. If you would like to meet with some people from these regions and countries, this site will be a perfect option for you. There are three language options on the site: Catalan, Spanish and English. If you know one of these languages, you can easily register and talk with people on the site. If you want to flirt with girls, if you want simple friends or if you want to date with a girl, we recommend you this site for you. However a registration will be required on the site and it may take your a few minutes to fill forms.

You can filter countries and filter genders on the site. So you will able to meet Latin American girls easily with help of this site. It’s a quality dating chat site where you can meet with Venezuelan girls, Nicaraguan girls, Spanish girls, Indian girls, Mexican girls, American girls, Peruvian girls, Dominican girls, Basque girls, Galician girls,  and Colombian girls. It’s free at all and you don’t need to make any payment for start to chat with girls on the site.

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Mobile Chat

There’s a good mobile chat version of the site. You can easily connect to this page and you can talk with strangers from different countries. The site is very popular on USA, Mexico, Spain, Andorra, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Uruguay, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and Spain.

How to Enter

It’s quite easy to enter to site. All you need to do is getting an account from the site. After you get an account from the site you need to activate your account with mail confirmation. Then there will be some questions of system for you. If you complete all of these questions, you will able to get a good membership from the site. That’s how you can enter to MobiFriends.

How to Register

If you would like to register to site, you need to get a valid email for yourself first. If you already have a vail mail address. Go to main page of the site and click on Sign Up button. Fill all blanks as we have mentioned above.


There are many online users from Venezuela on the site. 30 percent of online people are from Venezuela and they love to communicate with people on here. You will able to meet with many nice girls and guys from this country on the site.


There are also many people from Nicaragua on the site. If you would like to meet with someone from Central America, you will like to chat with these people. I recommend you to use MobiFriends, if you are looking for a partner from Nicaragua.


There are a few alternatives of this site:

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El Chat – Spanish and Latin American Chat Rooms

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