If you would like to meet people from different countries, you can meet many strangers from different countries on 12AllChat. English language is required for this chat room and you shouldn’t speak another language in main channel. However you can still send private messages to people in any language you want and you will meet with people from whole around the world. Lobby Chat Room in the site is very handy and there are many features on the site. There’s text chat, private video chat, public video chat and audio chat features. You can use one of them and you can talk to strangers. There are generally people from USA, Australia, UK and Pakistan on this room.

You don’t need to register to site if you don’t want to get a permanent nickname. We recommend you to get a permanent nickname on the site because it will increase your popularity. If you don’t want to fill registration forms, it’s not required. You can login to guest status in the channel but you can’t get any nickname you want (if it’s already registered on the site or if someone using your nickname on the channel). It’s a free chat room which you can use for talking, spending time, dating and getting friends from abroad.

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Text Chat, Private Video Chat, Public Video Chat and Audio Chat

If you don’t have a camera device or microphone (or both), or you don’t want to use them all. You can always talk to your chat friends with text chat feature on Lobby Chat Room. People are generally prefer to chat via text with strangers. However you can still open your camera with private video chat feature of the site to someone. If you want to show your camera view anyone in the room, you can activate it channel-wide. It’s called public video chat feature on the site. You can also enable your microphone and talk to people with your mic. You can use any of these features on 12allchat rooms.

Mobile Chat, Android and iOS (Java, Google Play, Apple)

There’s no application for Java, Android or iOS yet for 12AllChat. So it’s not possible to chat on mobile, android and apple devices. If site administrator makes any update for Lobby Chat Room or another channels, we are going to update this page and you will learn more features of applications.

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