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Serbian Girls on Krstarica ChatKrstarica Chat is a free chat service of Serbia. You can meet with people on this chat service freely. There are many kind of chat rooms on the site. You can join the chat rooms which is related with age groups, dating and cities. If you want to have a holiday on Serbia and if you want to make new friends from this country, we recommend this chat service for you. There are many platforms for each age groups on the Serbian dating chat. You are not going to need to create a dating account. You will just join and begin to talk to people on the site. Krstarica chat is an IRC service and it’s very basic. However there are always more than 1500 online people on there. You can search “Pricaonica Krstarice” on Google and click on the first result. Then you will able to join the site. You can also use mIRC or another IRC client to join to the room.

“Kanal za razgovor” is a channel selection on the site. We don’t recommend you to touch it, if you don’t want to meet people in a certain age groups or a dating chat. Način pristupa is the type of chat that you want to prefer. We recommend “Flash” for it. However you can still use Java Script.

Channels on Krstarica Chat

There are many good and crowded channels on Krstarica Chat. Some of them are the best Serbian dating chat services of the country. These are channels that you will want to enter:


It’s one of the most crowded channels of the site. You can meet many online people on here.


If you would like to meet people from Novi Sad city of Serbia, it’s a good chat room for you.


Sensei is another crowded channel of Krstarica Chat. You are going to meet Serbian girls and guys on here.

There are also many other options for you on the site.

How to Chat with Serbian Girls or Guys

If you would like to start a dating with Serbian girls or guys, you can join Serbian dating chat which has many options for age groups. After you connect to server, you can start to talk with people. You are going to see another users at right sidebar of the site. You can click on these nicknames and begin to chat with Serbian girls or guys.

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  • January 24, 2019 at 1:26 am

    I just want to make some corrections on here. The website is providing a general chat platform and it is in Serbian language as the webmaster mentioned in the page. However it is not a completely dating chat. It is just partially as same as many other online chat rooms. There are just dating chat rooms on the website. Rest of the rooms are available for anything else.


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