How To Do Facebook Live

This application, which was introduced to its users in 2016, has recently exploded in popularity of live video streaming. On social media platforms, more than half of the users of Facebook would prefer a live video with conversation over reading a social post. It provides the opportunity to establish a more authentic and valuable connection with the audience. It allows live broadcasts to appeal to a large audience of users. Facebook users eagerly capitalize on the popularity of live streaming. One out of every five videos are now live on Facebook.

The Facebook Live feature is an in-app plugin designed to broadcast real-time video on Facebook at this point. Live streamers can use this content to engage their viewers during moments and events that matter to them.

Let’s see how to go on Facebook live and create your own popularity.

How to Go Live on Facebook From the Facebook App

First of all, we must remind you that you can broadcast live to your home page, group, profile or event via the Facebook app on your mobile device or using a camera and streaming software. However, if you want to broadcast live using a camera and encoder, you must broadcast using Live Producer.

As we mentioned above, after logging in to Facebook, visit any page in your own account and then click on the “What is in your mind?” section and create a post if you are on a profile and on a page. This should open the shipping options. Click Live video in the post options. In this way, you will contact your contact list with the live broadcast and invite you to watch your live broadcast.

How to Go Live on Facebook From a Web Browser

You should see a Live or Live Video option on the homepage on the Facebook social media platform. If you’re on a profile, what’s on your mind? If you’re on anything else, it will be under Create Post. The icon will look like one of the following. Choose to go live or create a Live video event. Next, select the details for your video. These include a start time, a title and description, who to invite as co-host, and various audio and video controls. Click Go Live in the lower-left corner when you’re ready. Thus you can just create your own job by these meetings such as being influencer for brands.

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