How to Delete Chatous Account

Chatous Girls 3Would you like to remove your account from Chatous? You will able to do that easily with the tips which we are going to give you here. Chatous is one of the best random chat sites on Internet. However sometimes people wold like to delete their account on here and they want to remove their e-mail address from the service. Unfortunately there’s no settings for account removal on the site. If you want to remove your account, you should contact the site administration. Firstly you can try to connect them with talking them. Select Team Chatous and ask about your wish to them. If you don’t get any response then you will need to contact them with a mail.

It’s very easy to contact them with a mail. There’s various page where you can find contact details of the site. However the best option is sending a mail to [email protected] . We believe that you have already know how to send a mail. Chatous is a reliable chat site and it’s free to chat with people there.

Chatous Contact

Let’s see how do you contact to Chatous, step by step.

1-) Firstly login to site and click on the team chat from left sidebar.

chatous account remove


2-) Go to text chat panel and tell what you want from staff.

chatous account remove 1


3-) If you don’t get any response go to your e-mail account which you are logging in  Chatous and contact the email

chatous account remove 2
Now wait until staff contact you. Unfortunately you can’t delete account with settings.

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