Goodbye Yahoo Messenger!

Yahoo Messenger and ICQ Messenger are the oldest instant messaging programs of the world. Both messengers have a good impact for those who have borned in 70s-80s. They made the internet beautiful for us. MSN Messenger has been released much later after them. We have made many friends with those applications and they were one of the reason that make us love the internet. Now, Yahoo Messenger will no longer work after July 17, 2018. That’s a little bit sad to announce that since after we saw the mail from Yahoo Messenger, all HCO team started to talk about memories on YMSN.

Reason of Yahoo Messenger Farewell

Yahoo didn’t give any good reason of that but it is known that Yahoo Messenger has lost many users after WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat and other applications/softwares gained popularity on internet. Yahoo was quite popular in United States of America at the beginning. However they have lost the market some time later.

Yahoo also announced that, they won’t replace the messenger with any other application or software. Messenger’s application hasn’t been deleted from App Store and Play Store yet. There are many support messages and also there are many people who demands Yahoo to not to close service. You can take a look at recent Play Store reviews for Yahoo Messenger.

You will able to get your chat history until July 18, 2018. So if you have any important conversations on Ymsn, we recommend you to backup it as soon as possible. You can get detailed information on how to get your chats from the FAQ page of Yahoo Messenger.

How will You Go On to Talk Your Contacts

If you have any active chats on Yahoo Messenger, we recommend you to invite them other instant messaging or social media platforms. There are many options for that on PC, Android, Mac and iOS operating systems. However you should be hurry, the countdown has started.

Goodbye Yahoo Messenger! We will not forget you…

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