Where is Send Button on Emerald Chat: How to Find It?

Emerald Chat has became one of the most popular chat websites recently. However users can face with some problems while they are using the website. These problems are generally based on users themselves. We got a question from one our visitors recently and she has asked us where is send button on Emerald Chat. We will provide solutions for this on here this time. You can also get useful tips on getting unbanned from Emerald Chat with our tips.

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Question by Visitor:

Where is the send button on the Emerald chat site? There is a start button where you text your message but where is the send button to send your message to the other person?

Operating System: Android
Application Name: Emerald Chat
Device Brand: LG
Tags: Emerald Chat Send Button

Where is Send Button on Emerald Chat: How to Find It?

So where is send button on Emerald chat? The answer is nowhere… There is not any send button on Emerald Chat for Android devices. However we have tested the website for you with an Android device. We will tell you how to find send button with following steps.

  1. Go to Emerald Chat.
  2. Solve the reCAPTCHA.
  3. Enter text chat and video chat.
  4. Tap on “Enter” button to send message to stranger.

Emerald Chat Send Button on Android

As you can see in the picture above, all you need to do is hitting the enter button on your smartphone keyboard.

Where is Send Button on Emerald Chat

How to Find it on iOS?

Actually you don’t need to do something different with iOS devices too. You can also send messages to strangers with “enter” button on your keyboard. After you tap on the send button, you will send your text to strangers on the website with iPad and iPhone. If you have any questions regarding this issue or if you are having any problem, you can let us know.

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