Japan is a nice country where is standing Far East of the world. There are many people on internet who want to create friendship with people from Japan. If you are one of them, you can easy do that in Bazoocam Japan. No registration required, no Japanese language required and no payment required for the site. All is free and you don’t need an account for talking to people on the site. It’s a good site for those who are seeking for a friend. Bazoocam Japan is a good site for getting Asian friends, loves and relationships. You will be pleased with the performance of the site. You can also meet with Chinese, Australian, American, Korean and Taiwanese girls on the site.

The site language is Japanese. However it’s very easy to use. If you ever used chatroulette site before, it won’t be a problem for you to talk to strangers from Japan. If you haven’t practice it yet, you will get some information on usage of the site here. There will be also some info about how to meet with Japanese girls. It will only take you’re a few minutes to meet with people on the site. If you don’t like performance of the site, you can still try our tips for Omegle Japan. Let’s talk about usage of the site.

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How to Use Bazoocam Japan

Bazoocam Japan is a quite good chatroulette site and it’s very easy to use the site at all. We will give you some tips about usage of the site on here. It’s good for beginners. If you are not new on the site, you don’t need these tips at all.

You should go through top menu of the site and click on Japanese flag.

And then you should start to chat. You should click on huge button on the middle of chat board.

Now you started to chat with strangers. If you would like to next people, you should hit F9 on your keyboard or click on the button which you will see in below.

If your partner violates site terms, you can report him with hit F7 on your keyboard, or you can click on the button which we will show you in below.


After you learn these steps you are ready to chat on the site. Let’s talk about how to meet Japanese girls and Japanese people on the site.

How to Chat Japanese Girls

If you would like to chat Japanese Girls on the site, you have two options. You can follow the steps which we show you on above and connect to Bazoocam Japan. It’s the easiest way to meet them. However if you don’t want to use the chatroulette site with Japanese language and if you still want to meet Japanese people, there’s a geolocation option on the site. You should live close to Japan for enable this option. Otherwise you will meet with people from elsewhere. It’s good if you are living in China, Korea, Philippines. To enable to geolocation option of the site, you should find this text and mark it:

After you enable this text, you will start to meet people from Japan. However don’t forget that, you should live somewhere close to Japan. Otherwise geolocation system will make you meet with people from other countries. You can meet with many Japanese girls on the site but it’s a random chat site without gender filter. So don’t expect much from it. Your partners will be random.

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