Chatrandom Gender Filter: Talk Females and Males

Many of us want to talk to opposite gender when we chat on random chat and online chat websites. Chatrandom gender filter is providing this feature to its users. You can talk females or males with the website with picking your gender at the beginning. This feature increases your chance to meet with opposite gender. However it will not make you meet with girls or boys with 100% success. It is because of rate of online girls and online boys will never be fifty-fifty. So you will need to increase your chance with picking your gender at the beginning of the chat. This will still provide a good dating opportunity for you.

Loveroulette also provides same feature as same as Chatrandom gender filter for their users, this is a paid service though: Loveroulette: Random Chat Site with Gender Filter

Chatrandom Gender Filter

If you would like to use Chatrandom gender filter option, you will need to do following steps:

  • Go to Chatrandom.
  • Enable your camera on the website.
  • Select your gender from the drop down menu.
  • Click on Chat Filters drop down menu.
  • Select females only or males only or couples only.
  • Register to Chatrandom community to use gender filter feature.
  • Click on start to chat with opposite gender.

This is how you can filter genders on Chatrandom. If you have any questions regarding filtering genders, please ask us.

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Chatrandom Gender Filter

Talk Females Only or Males Only on Chatrandom

As we have told above, you will need to pick your gender and select the target gender before you start to chat. Unfortunately a registration required for talk females only or males only on the website. Chatrandom promises that you will still be full anonymous when you talk to strangers after you register. So don’t worry that you will be identified by someone else while you are chatting. Since the website is also provide a good country filter option, you will also have a chance to meet girls and guys from any country you want. For example, if you would like to meet with a American girl, you can do the following steps:

  • Go to Chatrandom.
  • Select your gender as male.
  • Click on gender filter drop down menu.
  • Select “Females Only”.
  • Register to Chatrandom community.
  • Click on “Country All” and select USA flag from the list.
  • Mark “I have read, and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. You must agree to continue”.
  • Start to Chat.

That is it. This is how you can use Chatrandom gender filter for specifying the country of your partner. You can also try talk to girls or guys on chat rooms on the website.

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