Chatous Video Chat & Text Chat Button Doesn’t Work

If you have problem with connection, you can click here about how to fix that issue. If you can’t connect to video chat or text chat or if you have a loading problem, you can take a look at our solutions below. If video chat and text chat doesn’t work on Chatous, you will need to check a few things with your browser. We are going to tell you how fix that problem on here. However the problem can be a server-related problem. If it’s so, you don’t have much to do aginst it. All you need to do is waiting. While you are waiting, you can also try some alternative sites of Chatous. The loading problem may occur because of your flash settings, firewall settings and browser settings. We are going to provide a few solutions for you here.

We recommend you to have CCleaner program if you are using Windows OS firstly. You can download the program from internet freely and you don’t need to pay it at all. Any download sites have CCleaner. It will help you to clear your registries and cookies. So if you have any problem with your cookies or registries, you are going to fix it with CCleaner.

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Loading Problem on Vide Chat and Text Chat of Chatous

If you are having loading problem on Chatous you should do following:

  • Firstly go to Google Search and search for “Adobe Flash Version check”. If you flash is outdated download the new version of flash.
  • Check your browser settings and be sure that there’s not malware like extensions. Try deactivate and activate them. In every try, try reconnect video or text chat.
  • Reset connection from rooter and try reconnect to Chatous again.
  • Clean your cookies and registries with CCleaner.

Can’t Connect to Video Chat and Text Chat ( Keeps Saying Waiting or Loading)

If you can’t connect to video chat, the issue might be about server-related, browser related or flash.

  • Clean all datas and web sites from flash.
  • Clear your flash storage. It will highly likely fix your problem and reconnect to Chatous. If you don’t know how to clear your flash storage, you can click here to get more information and related links about that.
  • Take a look at your firewall settings or virus firewall settings. If you ever see something about Chatous there, disable or remove it and reconnect to the site.

If your buttons doesn’t work, you should try same stuffs on the above. Good luck!

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One thought on “Chatous Video Chat & Text Chat Button Doesn’t Work

  • February 23, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    the two buttons for text and video chat have been replaced with start chatting now button
    and it goes directly to video chat
    help me get back text chat


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