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Chatous is a random chat site where you can find many beautiful girls from different countries. However sometimes you won’t able to connect to site. We are going to tell you a few solution for connect to site and a few alternatives where you can meet strangers. So you can easily connect to the site or you can find a site like Chatous. The site is providing free service for their users. If you don’t know any knowledge about site, you can click here to get more information about how to chat and how to create an account on the site. It won’t take your too much time for creating an account, no registration required on the site, so you don’t need to register there at all. However registration will help you to add people as a friend, so you will able to contact them later.

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If the website is not loading, it’s highly likely a server issue. You can check your internet speed with entering another website. If your connection speed is very low, you will need to contact to your Internet Service Provider.

There can be a server related problem on Chatous at times. You can get an error like on Google Chrome:

This webpage is not availableerr_connection_refuse or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT (or no data received, ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE).

Please don’t play with your settings. This is not because of your connection or computer. It’s related with Chatous server. (May be maintenance) You can also get errors while trying to send messages or while you try to login your account at the moment.

Chatous Server Status
Chatous is working perfectly.

If you are having problems with Chatous at the moment, you will learn how to fix it step by step. However sometimes web sites have server related problems, you have nothing to do about that. Server related issues only can be fixed by site administration. If the site has been blocked in your country or if you have ISP related problems, you will able to find solutions here.


If you can’t connect to a site, there can be several reason of it. The most common reasons are:

  • You have a problem with Internet Service Provider. (ISP)
  • You have a problem with connections.
  • You have a problem with your browser.
  • The site administration has banned your country.
  • Your country has banned the site.
  • The site has server related problems.

If you want to check server status of a site, you can always use proxy sites. These are tips for fixing such problems:

ISP Related Problems

Sometimes Internet Service Providers may have some problems and you can’t connect to servers which is out of your country on internet. If you would like to get rid of these problems, you can do it in a few steps:

  • Make a search in Google as “UltraSurf”.
  • Enter to official web page of UltraSurf.
  • Download program. It’s only 2 MB.
  • Unzip program.
  • Run the program.
  • Enter main page of Chatous.


Connection Problems

If you think that you have some connection problems you can do following steps and you can easily connect to Chatous again:

  • Power off modem.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Restart your modem.
  • Try using windows troubleshoot for network connections.
  • If you couldn’t resolve it, call your ISP.

Banned Country By Administration

Some sites may get virtual attacks and some people may violate sites terms repeatedly from certain countries. Unfortunately administration of the site can ban these countries and you can’t enter to site. It’s easy to resolve this problem. All you need to do is having a free VPN. It’s quite easy to find it via Google Search.

Banned Site By Country

If your country banned the site and you can’t connect because of it, you can always do all steps which we have told you ISP related problems. The other thing for solution is changing hosts file in windows. You need to find out second ip of the site. You can find out ip of a site with various sites on internet.

Server Related Problems

You have nothing to do with server related problems, all you need to is waiting. You can connect to alternative sites of Chatous while you are waiting. We have already mentioned about these sites in this page.

Browser Related Problems

If the site is not working for you yet, you should try change your browser. We recommend you to use Google Chrome for connect to such sites. Google Chrome always have what you needs for using such sites.


There are many quality sites where you can meet with many strangers. When you don’t able to connect to Chatous you can use these alternatives:

Omegle – The most popular web-based chat site whole in the world. You can talk to many strangers on here freely. For getting more information about site you can click here.

Mnogo Chat – MnogoChat is including many kind of chat sites inside. You can connect Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, International random chat sites on the site. It’s free to use and you won’t need to register to sites.

ChatRandom – There are various random chat sites on internet and ChatRandom is one of them. There are always thousands of online people on the site and there are many good features.

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